Taobao shop I have opened more than five years, from 2011 to the present in 2016. I also know that there are a lot of people have had the idea of Taobao shop business. Most of the shops have been opened Taobao closed, did not open also want to know in 2016 to open the Taobao store in the end also make money?


in 2011 when I heard someone say you can open Taobao shop to make money, but at that time, I think you have to open the Taobao must be able to purchase, but also did not have much money. At that time, I also know that there are virtual items, but only know that the class of recharge calls.

later dragged on for a few months, when I learned that Taobao as long as it is not illegal, what can be sold, for example, video tutorials, software, QQ, etc.. At that time I was just learning to make money online, began marketing software and QQ number, QQ group.

later sold some network software, such as PS, VideoStudio, DW software, but it can not be sold, because of the infringement. And then do their own wholesale toys, began selling toys in Taobao. Then Taobao only sell some tutorials and website source code, the software.

now the Taobao store is not good to do a lot of people know that a baby is not careful to report, a report also points. For these reports, some malicious reports, and indeed some of the infringement was reported. So, now Taobao is no longer wanted to sell what the previous Taobao.

No matter what

do have money and no money, for the 2016 Taobao stores do not earn money is not what I said, you only have to do that here, Shao Lianhu blog give you summarize several ways: Taobao


1, Taobao sells physical

most of the shops are open Taobao want to sell goods, and some do wholesale, and some shop, and some manufacturers are directly in the Taobao shop. There is a local specialty to sell their own dishes and so many, many. As long as you have a good product, as long as someone to buy, you can open Taobao earn less.

My Taobao

shop for a long time not to say, some time ago to see do not know why closed, I was in no mood to ask what happened, because now you don’t want to sell Taobao, a light goods have a chat for a long time, the customer is not satisfied with the refund, really fed up with this kind of life.

although I do not do Taobao shop now, but there are still a lot of money by doing Taobao. I have a relative, he started a few years ago, Taobao shop, sell what?. Our local such as pancakes, pickles, chili fried fish are our famous.

recently heard that my relatives to do a good job, a day out of a hundred, and most of the villagers are bought in the field. Many villagers are outside the site, would like to taste the taste of home. This is just a case