Beijing on December 25th news: according to foreign media reports, the U.S. Microsoft Corp sued a day before the domain name registrar, accusing them of a large number of Microsoft Corp registered trademarks and registered the domain name, "resembling Li Gui domain", and to profit.

earlier this month, the Microsoft Corp filed the lawsuit in a Seattle court, the defendant is a company called "Red Register" domain name registration business, Microsoft said, the other 125 total registered trademark and domain name like Microsoft, in order to attract users access, and rely on online advertising to profit.

domain name registration and trademark registration number only a few letters of the domain name, it is called typosquatting in English, registered trademarks of others is called Cybersquatting.

Microsoft Corp said in the indictment, the other has a large number of, and domain name.

Microsoft Corp requires the control of all of these domains and requires the court to impose a fine on the registrar.

It is reported that

, at present the actual registered domain name is a company registered in the BVI company, before the registrar is "Red Register", but Microsoft pointed out that the registration information is false, Red Register is the company behind the operator.

According to the

Internet controversy aspects lawyer Kronenberger introduction, history, domain name registrars rely mainly on helping others to register the domain name to obtain income, but because the domain name registration prices, they have actively started hoarding a large number of domain name, domain name and rely on the transfer of profit. In addition, they also rely on a domain name test means, the first domain name registration, and then before the payment period to give up.

Kronenberger said, some domain name registrar also registered the "sub" registered company, they transferred from a domain name registrar to another registered merchants, because each Registrar can hold three days of free time, so that a domain controlled by them in the case does not need to pay.

according to the introduction, the current to become a domain name registrar, only need to pay $eight thousand a year fee, then you can quickly get the domain name database information, and with very cheap price to register the domain name. Kronenberger said that there are currently one thousand ICANN approved domain name registrar.

it is worth mentioning that, Google and Microsoft Corp has also become a ICANN approved domain name registration agency, they have begun to provide users with free, and Internet services bundled with the international domain name.