adjust the action of Taobao in recent years, the largest category attribute, Mo Category attribute the August adjustment too. If you are the owner of Taobao, and often pay attention to the direction of Taobao, I think you should know what I mean, if you do not know, I think you should be a little bit of thought in this regard. I think, Taobao in the intense competition situation, the importance of Taobao can use 3 words to describe, must. In our attention to these not only know what happened, but to take a train of thought: what can I get from? And not go horse flower. Blue Pavilion feel for the novice, this is a kind of consciousness!

The Taobao

to the Category attribute adjustment includes: Women’s clothing, stationery, massage equipment, insurance, Taobao entertainment. The following talk about the Taobao Category attribute adjustment action, can let us learn what? How to do? If you do not know the specific content of the adjustment, can go to the official Taobao know.

this category of adjustment, the biggest adjustment of stationery, the official Taobao spent a total of 7 posts to show. But it is clear that the influence brought by the women’s Category attribute is the largest, is very simple, because women are almost all Taobao category sales king. For example, women so I adjust to analysis, other industries can also be a reference, or that sentence, is to utilize the knowledge.

. A category for adjustment, how should we adjust


according to the attributes of the Taobao increase, if it is your product category attribute is, how would you do? Look, when look at the newspaper? If I were you, I will immediately open the baby category edit page, select the most suitable baby attributes. In the adjustment of the property, the following points should be noted:

Such as:

1 new attributes: the clothing / sweater / pattern – star, diamond skull. We should choose the most suitable for the mountain products, so that the user according to the attributes of the selection of the baby when the buyer click on our baby into the page, the flow is relatively accurate.

2 if I am a creative product, the product itself is a star, diamond, skull, and how to choose it?. What if there is no bias, you can analyze market data, determine which type of high popularity, this can be combined with Taobao products [] to the application of data cube.

3 although I product is not a star, but the diamond is Taobao good sales, I was not the choice of diamond? Are you a fish, you don’t think about learning the eagle flying in the sky, even if you fly, you will find that you only occasionally out, or to the end back to the water of life.

two. Taobao spirit worth learning!

why Taobao should add attributes, or delete some of the original