days ago from Google (Google) was informed that the Shanghai internal partners and channels of the summit, Google is a new type of "revenue sharing" advertising model. Through this innovative model, ordinary users can be achieved with personal identity and Google advertising cooperation, and can receive 50% of the advertising revenue.

is reported that the model is jointly promoted by the MOFILE website and Google. MOFILE, head of Shanghai Gaoqin Communication Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Fan Qiuhua said that the so-called "revenue sharing" refers to the MOFILE on its website for the user to select a part of their personal video advertising, the advertising a half of the time for all users, the other half of the time for all MOFILE. The user account to the Google application advertising, personal blog or personal website in the private space, advertising played by MOFILE platform, and Google will be through the advertising account, half of the income will be returned to the user.

"as a result of the overall positioning itself in the video sharing company MOFILE, so there are a lot of user resources. Through the ‘revenue sharing’ allows users to get benefits at the same time, but also to increase the stickiness of the MOFILE site, and to bring profits to Google Corporation." Fan Qiuhua said.

Internet industry a lot of people know, Google AdSense of Google as the most important way of advertising, through a quick and easy way to make all kinds of large scale website Google advertising business show and website content relevant and income. However, Google AdSense in the past through the cooperation between Google and the site, and revenue sharing is able to make ordinary Internet users to join them as an individual, which can be called a profit model innovation.

is reported that MOFILE currently has about 4000000 users, the site has more than 100 million pages a month to visit, visiting more than 10 million users per month. According to informed sources Google AdSense China, Google’s revenue sharing model is very important, the model will become one of the most important Google profit model. Currently, MOFILE has formed a strategic alliance with Google, will push the model in the fourth quarter. (Editor: admin02)