2011 I silly chose the professional e-commerce, I chose this profession because this major novel enough. I don’t want to cool up now may think I can contact the machine under the computer (OK I admit I am love the Internet and by this way to spend all my boring time. E – commerce – in my second years of learning the profession, but I still do not understand some of the substantive aspects of the profession. Gossip is, the following should be what you can see is the electronic commerce in my heart wander. Of course, you see only what I know about e-commerce, I see the e-commerce than the mainstream and upper class people will see different. I see is a raging like a storm war, electronic commerce war. It is precisely because of these wars brought me some impulse, I am still struggling in this profession.

network in the world is not only a variety of people difficult to let go of the game, more let users overwhelmed business wars. Tmall, Dangdang, Jingdong mall, shop No. 1, etc.. These Chinese Internet world’s big boss in order to attract the brightest Internet users in the pockets of the yuan, in order to better build their e-commerce dynasty. Already tempted, they have the courage to move forward every enemy sword sword in the blood of seven steps. Flowers belong to the last winner.

whenever the holidays are always more crazy with endless war. But in June 18th the Jingdong mall store but a domino, the domestic well-known e-commerce platforms have "unwarranted" to join the cause of war, some people feel inexplicable. In this situation, the Jingdong, Tmall, suning.com mall, Gome Kuba, dangdang.com, Amazon, a shop on a business tycoon involved. In order to attract the attention of consumers, the appliance manufacturers released huge profits promotion, as the anniversary Jingdong mall is known as none other 1 billion yuan. Not only Jingdong, but also a number of other e-commerce companies. The data seems to show a price war to the domestic electricity suppliers are more serious losses. The status quo looks more and more far in the direction of loss. Some people think that the logic of the electricity supplier reshuffle is to see who can not support the first fall, the remaining king".