has done a lot of hospital website SEO work, many sites do not pay attention to the conversion rate of web page browsing, resulting in traffic can not be transformed into benefits. Combining with www.wznanke.com as the case, I do the following: with the influence of some potential factors of Baidu’s bidding system upgrade, the medical industry and some unavoidable factors, the PPC advertising expenses increased, the actual conversion rate fell sharply, the hospital marketing staff have to control their cost, and accurate adjustment the factors to control, to improve the conversion rate of hospital network marketing. Focus on the patient’s thinking, to the patient as the center of the hospital website page, thereby improving the conversion of patient counseling.

1, use the subconscious to build web pages. Floyd likened the mind to an iceberg, a small part of the surface, on behalf of consciousness, and buried in the water under the majority of the subconscious. He believes that only a small part of the behavior of people is in the control of consciousness, most of the rest are dominated by the subconscious mind, and is the initiative to operate, but people are not aware of. In actual operation, the subconscious awareness relatively easier to control, when people browse the web, subconsciously convey some positive and reliable factors, often better than writing to the effect of thousands and thousands of words. For example, an article in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia placed a picture at the top, front convey the symptom of prostate hyperplasia patients after, to see the picture, will feel their symptoms, which have negative emotions, to guide its read page content, after reading therapy, eventually adding a harmonious picture after treatment, the subconscious can convey the family harmony, the skin smooth and delicate, and can increase the patient’s confidence.

2, the overall consistency of each page of the main content and tone position should be consistent as far as possible, this includes the content list page, the theme of the page, project page and single page; Web page also reflects the characteristics of the hospital, let the hospital website image and unified image coordinate. This will not allow patients to enter the site in order to find the theme of the page position, and dazzling, and cultivate a sense of belonging and security.

3, grasp the patient’s visual trajectory to the patient as the center, it is necessary to browse the habit of patients to design web pages. General browsing habits are from top to bottom, from left to right view, but the habit can be changed, our people browse though follow the browsing mode, but has spread, discursive features, key position range offset large browsing. See Nelson F page text reading mode Chinese users do not have the habit of F scanning.

4, let

can click as a link point search engine marketing including search engine optimization, optimization and marketing not only futile, but also do not want to optimize the keywords ranking search engine marketing, this is the real optimization. The chain is a friendly way of search engine optimization, and its core idea is a friendly way to the patient. When patients do not understand some words or of interest, the text of the link.