estimates that no one thought about e-commerce topics in this winter, the insurance industry is so talked about: first the Kuo Hua life as a typical representative of the new power industry "3 days 1 hundred million" performance, refresh the China e-commerce development in the past 10 years the first single record, let the whole insurance a network of financial industry to go in the forefront; then, three people are at the helm of China named Ma Ping, Alibaba, Tencent jointly established Zhongan online property insurance companies are allowed to raise the number, everyone is watching, three in their respective segments of the most innovative spirit of enterprise cooperation, how to bring change to the market.

but what is certain is that e-commerce has a very direct impact on the insurance industry, and may even become a new business growth point of insurance companies, as well as the commanding heights of sustainable development.

insurance net sales trend

in recent years, including e-commerce, including the rapid development of information technology, has brought considerable impact on the industry, the insurance industry will naturally be deeply involved. The combination of this industry, it will inevitably lead to rely on individual agents, banking, telephone and other channels of sales changes." China life insurance e-commerce responsible person before the date of acceptance of the "First Financial Daily" said in an interview, this new mode of electronic commerce for insurance companies, which can greatly reduce the cost of sales, both have a direct role in front of the background to enhance the efficiency and. For the insured, you can always compare the Internet insurance products, you can also improve the autonomy of the choice of products, through more transparent information, from passive to active purchase of the purchase. The design is suitable for online sales of the product mix, with the most easy to understand the text to the common people to explain the professional terms, in the true sense of the concept of transmission errors and information caused by misleading sales."

in addition, the person in charge, there are two factors will be to promote the rapid development of e-commerce channels of insurance power. The first is the professional management of differentiated products, the insurance companies develop their potentials, avoid product homogenization of competition, will enable e-commerce channels insurance products more attractive. At the same time, so that people really understand the products they need to enhance the image of the industry will also play a crucial role." Second, is the information to bring better customer experience, which is also the most important content of e-commerce channel customers. "What we say is how to continuously improve the customer experience better" a button to complete the "trial, purchase, query, receive, surrender can be completed in the shortest step."

online shopping risk deposit needs to be screened

Kuo Hua life three days of billions of dollars of achievement, as if suddenly as the industry opened up a blue ocean, stirs up the insurance and financial industry. Led by the security of large insurance companies to accelerate the pace of e-commerce, and some small and medium companies have followed suit, joined the ranks of insurance network sales and buy.

insurance has been able to walk in the forefront of network finance, but also because the CIRC encourages innovation >