One of the purposes of the

of a website is to provide information for business expansion and take the query without requiring immediate intervention, an e-commerce site selling tens of thousands of kinds of products, almost within the same time unlimited online visitors to visit, if there are three or 30 men found themselves interested in things to make a purchase, then they can enter the virtual shopping cart to buy, if only one cashier dealing with these orders, then this and what is the difference between the traditional line store payment


a web site, especially those that operate e-commerce sites, must provide flexibility to businesses and users, such as convenience to customers and reduce management costs. Of course, if the site is wrong, can not achieve online purchase and payment functions, it is necessary to stop outage, there is no need to continue to carry out.

author recently on a foreign e-commerce website to browse, want to buy a book, found such a phenomenon, as shown in Figure:


see such a shopping form, you would like to continue? Maybe not, because there are two reasons

1, if I want to find a book, I have to choose the first shop, fill out the form, about half of them go to the store, the two is not very direct to find the book they want.

2, if not in the store to find, I also have other options, to rival site, and execute the book search, because this site is not what attracted me, may go to other sites, I will find more good things.

summary: this form of shopping, to users is a very complicated process of consumption, as the SEO electronic commerce workers, we should know what users want is actually very simple, you want to find the money, quickly receive the product, only this, they don’t want to spend too much time to fill in the form look for classified step by step, so the electronic commerce website to enhance the user experience, is to reduce the possibility of query. In addition, it can also show another kind of search – personalized search.

is a web site that is diametrically opposed to the above, as shown in figure


put the search box in an obvious position, it does not provide online shopping, it is for some reason, such as a good interaction with the user. If the website is not as books online market, at least it can act as an online brochure, website can complete the task should be completed even in offline, such as allowing users to understand the book information in the web site.

of course, the realization of personalized search, processing to reduce the query function, domestic e-commerce sites also need to realize that we can work together, otherwise it will only stay in the current situation, become a long-term literal translation of content >