a lot of Taobao entrepreneurial sellers, in the shop before you want to know how much money to open the shop can be different answers on the Internet, there are no money to spend, there are thousands or even tens of thousands of said. As a result, open shop in the end how much money is needed to become a secret! Today, the star password (http://s.www.xingmima.com) for you to open the secret of the cost of 2016 open shop, you want to open shop help!


first, the registration of Taobao shops is really free!


official statement: from Taobao, Alipay registered account, to submit the certification of the shop are free, entrepreneurs do not need to spend money. Therefore, said the need to spend money to register a Taobao shop, mostly crooks. Entrepreneurs must not rely on others, so as not to be deceived!

then, the star password students to open shop

character 1: Star password 0618 student Xiao Zhang

shop management: fashion women

commodity source: Star password to supply

spent the cost: I joined the star password is in the shop, buy packages, I basically did not encounter any difficulties!

flow shop, mentor to me many times that the matters needing attention and skill; open source, because I shop costs less, I chose a consignment of goods provided by the star password, greatly reduce the cost of


shop decoration, star password member exclusive template, help me save the cost of purchasing a template; shop promotion, I chose not to spend free promotion and spend less but better paid promotion, because the professional guidance of a teacher, every promotion activities can make is to enhance the store and, the money spent is less.

shop costs: the purchase of consumer protection package fee + + a small amount of about 3000 yuan promotion expenses. Note: now my shop has begun to profit, the cost of open shop basic return!

character two: the star code of the 0922 phase of the students

store management: maternal and child supplies

commodity source: offline purchase

cost: a relatively large initial investment, he went to the large wholesale market into thousands of yuan of goods, buy their own decoration template; shop promotion day and night doing it; but the reality is the first half of the year did not sell a few pieces of goods. In the case of cornered, joined the star password. Under the guidance of professional teachers, for the shop to do an accurate positioning, and the development of a detailed management plan. Keep the line purchase mode, the promotion and clearance activities in new products, to deal with the backlog of goods; for the exclusive mother decoration template, greatly enhance the value of the yen shop; through a variety of ways of drainage, bring a lot of traffic to


shop cost: cost more time alone, nearly ten thousand.