Abstract: the amount of online shopping transactions in India, 70% of which are completed by men, women’s spending power is clearly a huge increase in space.


"there must be a great woman behind a successful man. Except Ma Yun, his success has thousands on thousands of woman! "This piece shows the importance of women on Ma Yun’s career. Ma Yun said Ali 70% of buyers are women, and 55% of the sellers are women. The India Ma behind it is thousands of men.

according to the digital media Sokrati survey shows that men’s shopping time in India is 1.3 times the number of women, the total number of men serving the electricity supplier sellers are women of the times of 3. EBay retail manager in India Navin Mistry has said that 70% of online shopping transactions in India completed by men. But from a long-term point of view, there is a huge increase in women’s spending power space, and focus on her economy, women’s electricity supplier, is gradually becoming a new growth point in India electricity supplier market.

India women began economic independence will promote the development of electricity providers

men is the main electricity supplier in India is not difficult to understand, here to take full account of India’s national conditions and social structure. First of all, by the influence of the caste system, the male is higher than the female in the traditional culture of India. Women in India do not have the right to speak and the right to make decisions in their lives.

Secondly, the education level of women in India is generally lower than that of men in

. They are less likely to be exposed to new things, and women are less likely to suffer from the impact of online shopping. Finally, the issue of women’s economic sources. In India, women in the workplace have been very rare phenomenon, most of the work is mainly male staff. Even today, in some of the more conservative two or three tier cities, still rarely see women working in public places, economically independent women in India naturally difficult to generate independent economic behavior.

although the social status of women in India was lower than that of men. But thanks to the government’s policy support and women’s own struggle, more and more women in India have access to education, into the workplace, to achieve economic independence. At the same time, with the growth of women’s social status in India and India women’s electricity supplier market.

today, women are the main decision makers, buyers, and influencers in the India family of fast-moving consumer goods. They are also actively involved in online shopping, especially TV shopping, thereby significantly enhancing the potential of digital sales in India, especially in the two, three tier cities. Among them, the demand for working women is more intense, and the prosperity of online apparel and accessories market is almost entirely driven by women.

Google Corporation has issued a report that is expected in 2020, India electricity supplier market value will reach $120 billion, of which $35 billion fashion electricity supplier. Google India