today with you talk about my rival Alibaba promotion, analysis of B2B e-commerce today’s event, of course I put the Alibaba as a competitor, Ma Yunke once said: even with a telescope can not find opponents. But the money business network, born on Mars, even astronomical telescope can not see.

1 is not open early, is always the best

first time from the start of some money, fat business network was founded in December 6, 2010, is now more than 1 months, and the Alibaba, established in March 10, 1999, registered capital of 500 thousand, the relative time of establishment money Alibaba called fat uncle. Many people talk about B2B is that Ma was founded B2B, wrong! Actually began in December 1991 created the HC, China manufacturing network in February 1998 28 began, so that time is not a problem, and not open early, the best is always open. So the enterprises and individuals you do website, do not be afraid of others to open early, the key you want to don’t want to.

21999 years of 500 thousand and 2010 of the 50

from the venture capital, I and the general Webmaster Station, dozens of pieces of money, only 50 fat business network was founded, and the Alibaba was founded in 500 thousand, and different age, different monetary value, so that in 1999 500 thousand success is naturally, not worth to be proud of. If the name of the creation of Ma Yun called the fat fat business network, will succeed.

3 website to Ma Yun as a high-profile, but not arrogant like

What is the establishment

high-profile, for example: Chen Jian station called fat money business network, to say to the world, everywhere Zhang Yang published an article, money fat business network traffic increased, the media published an article that is on a toilet to tell you, as long as there is a little bigger move action.

Alibaba marketing method is worth a lot of people to learn, according to my research, a lot of Alibaba soft Wen, Ma Yun’s photos are basically the same time. What Ma Yun where the school speech basically is no map, many use a similar lens, of course Ma Yun’s classic book what language course is out, and the effect of the promotion, not out of so many teenagers, it is easy to be polluted these recorded words, we agree with Ma Yun, so for reprint! I and Premier Zhou is the most offensive "men’s appearance and IQ is inversely proportional to this sentence, no other reason to refuse.

is proud as Lucifer over high-profile

4 is not successful before blowing success, after success is to talk about experience

example: Alibaba is a clear case, not before the listing, talk about a few years, people feel that Alibaba is a large enterprise, after the listing began to talk about how to succeed. Hui.