at the moment, some car manufacturers on the Internet opened a store. Beijing News reporter Li Dong photo

build after a few years, "double 11" singles day "concept has already been replaced by online shopping festival", and has become almost all Internet users to participate in the tennis event". Compared with last year, this year the car electricity supplier has gradually changed from the market behavior to sales behavior, a lot of car brand activities are directly docking by the sales department, covering the country. But most of the current electricity supplier is still stuck in the promotion, booking and other links, the real purchase, user experience, service and other processes need to rely on the line to complete the dealer.

businesses compete online selling car

face a huge share of the online shopping market, everyone wants to share a cup of soup. It is not difficult to find, from the Mercedes Benz smart first group purchase net, JAC Yue Yue to start online direct marketing, online shopping market of automobile automobile manufacturers and dealers have never stopped, and intensified the trend.

a few years ago, the car manufacturers have begun to try to open up a new battlefield network, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Geely panda, etc. have to test the electricity supplier, but did not receive much attention in the early, little effect. Since then, with some manufacturers successfully test the water, such as last year by Jianghuai Automobile network platform to get thousands of orders, Benz Smart created 89 minutes 300 sales miracle, to attract more manufacturers to.

this year to participate in the activities of the "double 11" brand, both Audi and BMW, are Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM Chevrolet, Shanghai GM Buick, Dongfeng Citroen, and independent brands such as BYD, Beijing automobile and automobile etc.. Among them, a number of brands are directly by the car manufacturers with the electricity supplier platform to launch a series of preferential measures, and by the local 4S shop dealer is responsible for the implementation and coordination of work. It is understood that the manufacturers of network promotion, in addition to a cash discount, there are Car Buying packs, subsidies and other gifts. At the same time, some dealers also to form around the store to participate in activities. A dealer official said, in order to prevent the impact of online promotions under the interests of customers, consumers directly to the 4S shop to buy a car, but also enjoy the same preferential policies online.

4S store publicity role

these days, to participate in the "double 11" activities of automobile manufacturers and electricity suppliers have been drying out transcripts, electricity providers have claimed that orders exceeded 90 thousand, the transaction amounted to 11 billion 700 million yuan. Although several car electricity supplier announced orders data is gratifying, but to participate in the activities of the Beijing dealers, more reluctant to disclose this event brought into the store and final volume, and more emphasis on their fancy publicity activities on brand enterprises.

participate in the double 11 activities, and focus on the crowd of our brand, we are still follow up." Beijing southern region of a Shanghai Volkswagen 4S shop responsible person, this is the first year car concentrated in business activity, so the manufacturers and distributors involved is the key, not in volume, but in the "