previously, there are many e-commerce companies listed a collective shout of prophecy and speech, the day before, the Sichuan Provincial Commission by letter and other institutions in Chengdu started "millions of small and medium-sized enterprise informationization experience program, opened the first western" triple play "e-commerce platform. This is the first Western China fixed network, mobile network, radio and television network triple play a new e-commerce platform. While Shenzhen is building third party e-commerce credit service platform, the current construction of the third party credit platform has been started, according to the plan, a project on the line before March 15, 2011.

according to the relevant industry analysis: This is equivalent to the government with government credit, e-commerce companies to build an import window." This will also lead to the emergence of a number of e-commerce companies listed in the future.

analysts said, grab before the competitors listed, will make the listed B2C companies to obtain greater capital advantage, which is the reason for the listing of a number of B2C companies compete.

and the Golden State Investment Consultants Limited CEO Lin Jiaxi said, now is the B2C enterprise for customers and market choice in such a moment, time to market is not appropriate, forcibly listed will only make the enterprise PE is very low, even in the market competition at a disadvantage.

Lin Jiaxi said, for B2C companies, only the annual profit of more than ten million U.S. dollars, the listing is meaningful, otherwise, even if the listing, the company’s PE will be very low. In addition, after the listing, listed companies, will accept financial requirements more stringent, in investment and expand the market also should be restricted by the capital market, and the market is not big enterprise is not necessarily a good thing. And when it comes to the pattern of e-commerce market, Lin Jiaxi said that the real market structure will be formed in 35 years, when it was the time when the real giant was born.

But no matter how

, B2C enterprises in the overseas listing is on the agenda, in the long run, the electronic commerce enterprises listed is not necessarily a bad thing, e-commerce needs to provide a good deal to the consumer experience, consumer oriented, market-oriented, our domestic e-commerce industry still has a long way to go.