2016, China’s auto sales market again two digit growth. One of the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the annual sales of more than 500 thousand, an increase of 53%, the first time the new energy vehicle sales exceeded the United States to become the world’s first.

in recent years, environmental pollution problems have become increasingly prominent, people from the beginning to now talk casually, haze pale, gradually enhance the awareness of environmental protection. Every car has now become an essential means of transport, and we enjoy in the car to give his life bring great convenience and convenient at the same time, also cannot ignore a series of pollution problems caused by it.

therefore, the country began to encourage people to buy new energy vehicles, not only to enjoy a variety of preferential car, energy costs and maintenance costs are also significantly reduced, of course, the biggest advantage is energy saving. However, with the gradual increase in the production of new energy vehicles, consumers first encountered is the problem of charging.

electric car owners must go home at night, charging at home, it is inevitable. However, the current phase of the pile of business people rarely get involved, not because it does not have prospects for development, but is limited to the nature of the parking spaces in the community. In the first tier cities, due to the ownership of the property owned by all the owners collectively, it can not install a dedicated charging pile, if the installation of ordinary charging pile will be occupied by gasoline vehicles, trams can not be used. This gives the majority of owners caused a lot of trouble.


market "pain points" is precisely the entrepreneurial success in the rein, solve the difficult problem of charging, Shenzhen mefE Agel Ecommerce Ltd first occupied the initiative.


new energy vehicle charging pile

ten million exclusive research and development of " with parking lock intelligent AC charging pile " to solve the other charging pile utilization is low, occupied by gasoline cars, only suitable for commercial real estate and many other shortcomings. Especially suitable for charging parking spaces, community building parking lot unattended, with WeChat independent research and development of small procedures, the realization of "tram priority, charging free, along with the charge, monitor, home charging, charging departure from home" experience.


appearance renderings


Schematic diagram of

charging principle

" intelligent parking lock with AC charging " has applied for the national patent, the system has a lock; gasoline vehicles can also use the parking spaces, the owners "I want to stop when the lock is not unlocked immediately, but" stop ", the effective way to delay the car to find gasoline other electric car owners parking;" I would like to charge ", immediately unlock lock, immediately charge. Deli intellectual charge for community tailored to achieve the intelligent, mobile Internet, no need to download the APP can be used. Valuable is not software, not hardware >