want to buy computer office supplies are still the 11.11 big promotion? Don’t worry, November 9th Jingdong office computer super categories allow you to advance 11.11, to bring a wave of super huge benefits! The Jingdong office on the super computer category low over 1000 yuan per 100 yuan, there is more value in explosion. More surprises, immediately landed Jingdong Mall Office computer super category page found it!


activity page:

PC link: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/AWhnH15p2qVJ.html? Cpdad=1DLSUE

APP link: http://s.h5.m.jd.com/active/nKxVyPnuLwAsQSTfidZ9z4RKVZy/index.html

notebook purchase super cost-effective

laptop behind the purchase means that the brand, better performance, and good after-sales, etc., has an absolute attraction. In the Jingdong office computer category super day activities, is a carefully prepared price high notebook for consumer choice: Samsung 14 inch single selling Entertainment Notebook as low as 3799 yuan; DELL fired 14 inches high light micro frame notebook computer special offer grab limit purchase price of 5799 yuan; the new Lenovo Air13 Pro13.3 inch 14.8mm ultra thin notebook computer, active price to 4999 yuan; ASUS Flying Fortress upgraded version equipped with the new FX60VM game of the 1060 card, low price to 6999 yuan; ThinkPad metal light of this preferential 5499 yuan, at the same time enjoy every full 1000 yuan minus 111 yuan welfare, bring you great shopping experience.

computer peripherals are God price

is the computer peripherals is not enough, also to buy neat! In order to allow your computer to play better performance, it is absolutely essential that these limit matrix: Cheetah V9 desktop machine, straight down 1000 yuan, activity price of only 5999 yuan; RAPOO V500 mechanical gaming keyboard, minus 20 yuan every 99 yuan, only after reduction need 109 yuan; in addition, the Microsoft Xbox One somatosensory games, reduced to only 2699 yuan; the new Toshiba 2TB series 2.5 inch black beetle USB3.0 mobile hard disk, mobile price as long as 569 yuan; finally, the Kingston DT 100G3 32GB USB3.0 U disk, special offer 63.9 yuan, good price, not quick to grab



color play personality

of course, if you want to DIY more in line with their own habits of office supplies, it may wish to look at these products. 50 percent off power limit Huntkey gold seckill; ASUS 27 inch 144HZ gaming monitor, Madden straight down 1000 yuan, discount.