CCTV Spring Festival Gala Louis Liu wonderful magic show, attracted a large number of magic fans, and set off a burst of magic fever in the country, which broke the coke China Jiliang University junior student Schderson. He is not only a magic enthusiast, he also opened a magic site, in the show to promote the magic of performing arts, while selling magic props and teaching video. This time, his website hit rate soared, the turnover also soared as natural and click rate. Asked about the profitability of the site, a small extension of a hand, happy to say: a month can reach five digits."

magic is the biggest advantage is to make people happy, can bring you happy! Schderson grew up like magic, in high school, he is already a magic master. At the beginning, there is no money to buy those dozens of dollars, hundreds of dollars of professional props, can only take the most common playing cards to practice. No one to teach, to find their own video on the Internet to see, according to learn, and slowly skilled on the way up." He said that he had never really visited the division, the general magic, he exercises two to three hours according to the video to be able to fully grasp. Magic Shi Hudson became a little famous, when he was in high school often represent the class in the school performances. After he entered the China Jiliang University, also with these skills, with a group of hardcore fans, everyone called him master, with him to learn magic.

think of selling magic props purely accidental." Schderson told reporters, freshman, Christmas class activities, one of the links is to give each other a gift students. "Since my magic so popular with everyone, why not take it as a gift to send out?" so he suggested we can perform a little magic, then as a gift to exchange each other’s magic props. Schderson’s idea was adopted, he and a classmate with a friend borrowed 1500 yuan, came to Yiwu, a magic factory purchase. The event was very successful, but only 1500 yuan to sell the goods last only $two hundred or three hundred. Borrowed money to also, looking at a box of goods piled in the bedroom, the Hudson a bit embarrassed…… So he sought to help students, together in Xiasha Xuelin Street set up a stall, intended to sell these goods hoarding. As a result, not only did not make the business, but also almost to the city to catch.

When he left

. Yiwu magic factory boss to find him, asked him if he was interested in helping him manage the company’s magic forum, a small promise. Enter the forum, he found on the company’s website describes the basics of magic or by pictures and words, looks relatively inflexible and boring, so he, from the Internet to find a lot of magic videos uploaded to the website forum, will all kinds of magic props in stage magic, street magic, magic, magic poker for classification. "After a period of time, the website popularity surge, and I’m from an ordinary webmaster upgrade to the administrator by the boss." In the premise of consent by the boss, his last unsalable goods to the company’s website to sell, unexpectedly popular, soon to recover the cost. "Do"