introduction: in the industry view, Amazon has become more down to earth in the train of thought, is perhaps the greatest value for Tmall settled it brings.


ten years into China has been carrying a heavy burden idol of the Amazon, this time finally figured out. The day before Amazon opened Amazon official flagship store in Tmall, in localized business platform. Although the shop is currently only sold hundreds of direct mining commodities, but in the industry view, Amazon has become more down to earth in the train of thought, is perhaps the greatest value for Tmall settled it brings.

diversion for the official website has this domineering domain name Amazon’s official Tmall store on Friday, quietly began trial operation, and will be officially launched in April. The world’s first B2C electricity supplier and the world’s largest electricity supplier platform for this cooperation, shocked a lot of small partners.

just on the line soon, Amazon official flagship store, Amazon China overseas direct sales of goods, of which about 1/4 is a unique commodity amazon. According to Amazon, the Amazon sea purchased goods has over one million. However, Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter login Tmall Amazon official flagship store found that the store is only more than 500 kinds of goods. Amazon side said that the current phase of the first phase of the introduction of the Tmall store direct imports of goods in the Amazon has been selected for the goods.

it is understood that most of the sales in the Tmall store is imported directly into the Amazon explosion, but the more abundant goods are still only in the Amazon official website sales. Amazon said the Beijing Daily reporter interviewed, "opened a flagship store in Tmall provides a more extensive and diverse channels, let consumers enjoy from the Amazon China authentic overseas direct mining products". This also means that after the Amazon settled Tmall, Alibaba hopes to flow through the localization of the platform for the official website diversion.


according to iResearch released in 2014 China B2C shopping site trading scale market share, Tmall ranked 61.4% in the first place, while Amazon ranked eighth in the top 1.3%. The idea that Amazon settled Tmall is "to flow down", but in the north to the Graduate School of business from the investment view, fresh "delicious 77" to enter the Tmall, Amazon in Chinese business ideas have changed.

to Business Research Institute analysis, as the "world leader B2C, Amazon in March Chinese after ten years, has refused to slim down in Chinese electricity supplier competition, perhaps is the source of local children to catch up". But in Tmall, Amazon uses localization platform traffic resources into China electricity supplier ecosystem, not alone, fight a lone battle.

Amazon believes that the establishment of the Amazon official flagship store, so that consumers can be more than one channel can be purchased by Amazon’s imported direct suppliers