based on the current Internet broke DNS vulnerabilities, ICANN recently approved an important decision in line with the interests of the public,.Org domain name first transferred to the use of the DNS security expansion (DNSSEC) protocol top-level domain name.

DNS itself was first found in 1990, but there has been no related problem solving method, the new "cache poisoning" method can effectively allegedly forged DNS information, to achieve the purpose of using the.

website hijacking DNS cache server

DNSSEC development in January 1997, the development cycle of up to 11 years, DNS security expansion (DNSSEC) protocol is designed to solve the original DNS protocol vulnerabilities, so that it is no longer vulnerable to attack. However, because DNSSEC will generate additional data overhead and not universal. According to the previous agreement, if you want to use DNSSEC, you must cover the entire internet. Moreover, doubts about privacy and law have sprung up, making it impossible to gain popularity.

, however,.Org did not actually need to consider the domain name to the domain name, but in some countries already have their own top-level domain, this is not ICANN can control, can be simply and quickly transferred from the DNS to the DNSSEC top-level domain currently only.Org. However, if the ICANN can control the full access to the Internet, then all the domain name transfer is not impossible. As for whether the ICANN and the US government can be trusted, it is another question.

from the.Org domain name transfer we can see, despite the slow pace, but the DNS will eventually be transferred to the DNSSEC.

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