the evening of October 14th, Su ningyun released the latest announcement that the company plans to its 11 stores with assets of not less than 4 billion yuan transferred to the price of CITIC gold fund management company, and the establishment of private equity investment fund, pioneering assets operation mode innovation. It is understood that this is the second model of CITIC Securities launched this year, REITs products.

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REITs, refers to the real estate investment trust, is a way to issue receipts vouchers qualified majority of investors pooling funds by specialized investment institutions real estate investment management and investment of comprehensive income distribution to a trust fund for investors in proportion. In fact, the REITs system is not only prevalent in Europe and the United States, Japan, Singapore and other countries have begun to implement. As an important means of real estate securitization, REITs is regarded as the best way to commercial real estate. Recently, the people’s Bank of China and the China Banking Regulatory Commission notice requirements, actively and steadily carry out real estate investment fund (REITs) pilot".

Suning announcement shows that the transfer of 11 stores are Beijing Tongzhou Century Lianhua shop, Liujiayao shop, Beijing Changzhou South Street, Wuhan Tang Jiadun shop, Chongqing Guanyin Bridge street, Chongqing Monument for Liberation, Kunming shop shop small garden shop shop in Chunxi Road, Chengdu, Chengdu mannenba shop, Chengdu West Street shop Xi’an Jinhua road. But the return to investors from the stores, property rental income, the private investment fund future disposal of a wholly owned subsidiary of equity and property income from stores, and value-added income to equity owned subsidiary and stores listed property.

industry analysts said, CITIC Securities "phase" of Su ningyun, one is optimistic about the latter has more than 1600 line stores of high-quality assets, on the other hand, this is also an important step in CITIC Securities REITs mode to commercial step.

for Suning, the fair value of the market through the transfer of stores, the company can get value-added revenue and cash return store. At the same time, Suning can also stabilize the rental price and long-term lease, access to long-term use of the store property.

Under the general trend of

investment in the electricity supplier, Suning is not necessary to keep so many stores, throw the burden, seeking benefits has become an inevitable choice.

The board of directors of

Suning companies think that the transfer of assets of assets, in addition to improve the use efficiency of the fund, also helps to promote the integration of development company O2O, to further consolidate the advantages of stores of resources, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Not long ago, Suning the first batch of new Internet stores, hey shop settled in Jiangsu, hey shop highlights the integration of online and offline trading experience, interactive gaming experience, service break experience three functions. It is reported that, in shopping, through the line sample display and multi screen expansion SKU, online users can experience goods, scan code to Tesco online payment, and in store pickup, or choose express delivery.

at the same time, with the help of district advantage, hi shop integrated local life platform, manzuo and etc..