electric dart financial business, and the bank is also trying to enter the business, "you, you" the pattern is formed. In December 4-9, within 6 days, in June 28th this year launched the good financial business of the Construction Bank, organized the 16 media Mission four Bingfen road to Jiangsu, Fujian, Hubei, Guangdong, Guangxi and other areas of study, promoting its business, emphasis on its remarkable.

not only China Construction Bank, Bank of communications in CCB before launched a business platform to pay fair, other commercial banks are also eager, eager for a fight. Internet and financial increasingly intertwined, some people said that 2012 is the first year of the financial electricity supplier


had previously reported that the media, Ali financial shook the commercial banks. So, the world’s top few commercial banks into the electricity supplier industry, the pattern will be what kind of change?

in the interest rate market and financial disintermediation under pressure, urgent transformation of commercial banks. The commercial banks involved in the electronic business platform, is in line with the trend of development, the development of a new situation of wonderful chess, or into a steady flow of funds into the dilemma?


electricity supplier

e-commerce, is changing people’s lives, people will reach the tentacles of the world shopping, some people laugh, said that if Mars also has cheap goods, electricity providers tentacles will extend to there.

a few years ago, November 11th was between university students ridicule today, has become synonymous with the electricity supplier bigwigs grappling pocketed the eye, reputation and promotion of money hot day. The singles, but also is one of the most numerous business days in the climax. In this day, the electricity supplier bigwigs through different channels or show affection, or similar to the price war, even the explosion of slobber war, drama from throughout the year to the end of the year, the consumer’s eye was firmly grasp.

is the most thrilling Jingdong and suning.com’s price is lower than the battle. On June 18th, the anniversary of the Jingdong, suning.com, dangdang.com executives are priced lower than sales in the micro-blog, and Jingdong.

but in this case, the "golden master" Bank Department of water and electricity provider platform message pumianerlai.

June 28th, the Construction Bank launched the good financial business, including three major plate enterprises mall, mall and personal housing company for businesses and individual clients, providing online trading, payment, financing loans, trust funds and other financial services, wishing to build e-commerce platform for financial services is the most professional class.

in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance Bank Research Director cenggang, commercial banks business platform, certainly not as a profit point, after all, the current electricity supplier platform burn more powerful. At the same time, compared with other industries, the financial sector is relatively high interest rates.

CCB is just a good financial business as a