July 23rd, Kantar Retail e-commerce and digital marketing seminar held in Shanghai in 2015, a total of 68 companies from more than 200 electricity suppliers and retail industry elite attended the seminar.

, Kantar Retail, Tmall Tmall international cooperative supermarket, shopping mall, shop No. 1, Jingdong drops fast and Brand View, and its electricity supplier OgilvyOne high-rise together, bring e-commerce theme in-depth and comprehensive speech for you.

2014, China has 458 billion U.S. dollars ($2 trillion and 800 billion) in sales of the world’s largest e-commerce market won the crown, ranked second in the U.S. market size of only $297 billion. E – commerce for China’s economic growth is even more important – e-commerce in 2014 contributed 19.4% of the country’s GDP growth and social retail sales growth of 33.5%.

Kantar Retail is expected to 2020, if the Internet penetration Chinese, and Internet users in the population proportion of online shopping and America’s words, then Chinese online shopping population will reach 891 million people, is 2.1 times in 2015, while e-commerce market scale will reach 13 trillion and 910 billion yuan, is 3.4 times of the year, electronic business sales will account for 26.7% of the total retail sales nationwide in 2020.


Kantar Retail believes that from now to 2020 years, the huge increase in China’s e-commerce will mainly come from the following seven aspects:

trend 1: fast moving consumer goods and fresh will become the fastest growing e-commerce category

from the data point of view, is expected in 2015 will account for 12% of the total consumer goods e-commerce sales share of about, compared to an increase of about 66.7% in 2014, the growth rate is much higher than the industry average. This year, online sales of fast-moving consumer goods will account for 7% of FMCG sales, but is expected in 2020, the proportion is expected to reach 20%.


in addition, along with the electronic commerce increasingly fierce competition, the major electricity supplier in the whole category expansion of the development strategy, is a fresh category has been a hotly contested spot. 2014, the transaction size of fresh category is expected to be 10 billion yuan, but with the major electricity providers have invested heavily in the platform, and through investment or acquisition of excellent vertical fresh electricity supplier in the field force. Kantar Retail forecast fresh e-commerce sales will reach 125 billion 800 million yuan in 2020, when we will also usher in the full maturity of the online category.


trend two: cross >