news December 9th, the day before, billion state power network that Jingdong group pat Network will be in the upcoming Christmas sales season during the WeChat access card package will take users to the entrance, and a general pat micro shop envelopes with promotional activities.

pat Network relevant responsible person said, pat network access to the WeChat card package entrance, is to allow consumers to find a more convenient pat micro shop, micro shop diversion, the formation of a closed loop consumer experience. In the double 12 to new year’s Day throughout the Christmas season, pat Network will also carry out a variety of promotional activities around pat shop.


the person in charge, pat shop general red will be officially distributed in December 10th, with a total value of more than 100 million yuan. Consumers will be able to search through WeChat service number pat Network concern after application. Consumers to pat red will appear in the WeChat card package, the cumulative amount of red can can also be given to friends, can also be sharing to a circle of friends, the formation of transfer and circulation.

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billion state power network to understand, WeChat card package is a new function after the launch of WeChat version 5.5, located in the main directory "I" page, photo album, wallet and other functions below. WeChat card package can help users to coupons, membership cards, tickets, movie tickets and other classified management.