April 17th, according to informed, 360 business general manager Han Xiao had left, now select the next opportunity.

Han Xiaoyu in mid March 360 from the electricity business sector, the state power grid contacted Xiao Han himself, and confirmed the news.

The original 360

business division general manager Han Xiao

360 electricity supplier strategy and BAT electricity supplier strategy is not the same, in fact, an electricity supplier service platform, the main flow down. In the platform I can not play too much." Xiao Han told billion state power network.

according to its introduction, 360 now the business is mainly divided into two parts: 360 group purchase navigation and 360 online shopping guide, for the mass consumers, the online shopping guide service is similar to the "beautiful" and "mogujie.com".

BAT in the past period of time, competition in the field of electricity providers increasingly fierce, especially Tencent, Alibaba of intensive acquisitions, on the one hand, to develop new users and channels, on the other hand, and find a more suitable for users of products to.

and 360 of the electricity supplier layout has been relatively simple, in other lines of business attitude is very radical 360 head Zhou Hongyi on business also said, "the 360 product line to safety as the core, not to touch the electronic commerce more areas".

Han Xiao believes that 360 of the electricity supplier urgent need to solve the problem is to seize the user, "want to buy what? Where buy? How much the price and so on."

he seems to be not enough to do 360 personalized shopping, there is no way to help users find a good product, and this is precisely the opportunity for the future of the 360 electricity supplier.

in addition to the above information, Xiao Han did not disclose more details, but for his whereabouts, Han Xiao said it is just contact with several science and technology, the Internet company, has not yet finalized.

data show that before the Han Xiao served as general manager of the 360 business department, former vice president of Analysys International Group.