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December 3, 2009, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "2009 China network shopping Market Research Report", in addition to Taobao ranked first, pat and Baidu has ah second, occupy the third position, eBay has been pushed to the fourth.

Quietly change seating

not only means that a change in Chinese C2C market competition pattern, the birth of this change is actually the rise of Baidu has ah. Prior to the industry generally predicted that China’s online shopping market is ultimately Taobao PK Baidu, now it seems that this prophecy is fulfilled.

I looked carefully at the report, which has several key points worthy of attention:

1, the most important indicator is permeability. The report shows that Taobao is 81.5%, pat is, Baidu has ah is 2%. This is the status quo of the new three, but also the most important basis for judging the pattern of online shopping.

2, the proportion of new users. Red child half a year the proportion of new users up to 61.9%, excellent network is also a new user of, Baidu has a level of 42.3% ranked in the top third. It seems that the top two Taobao and pat in the snatch market is still not as good as Baidu. If growth at this rate, I believe the top three seating will soon have rewritten into the top two sooner or later. This article from the Zhejiang station

3, shopping loyalty. The index is very interesting, also known as the "single", Taobao is 79.3%, is very high, Baidu has ah actually ranked second, reaching 55.4%, this is a terrorist, means that Baidu has ah people shopping, more than half of all shopping here. I believe that these users are mainly incremental market users, they are being brought to the field of online shopping Baidu, Baidu has become a loyal pump.


these figures show the pattern of the future of online shopping? What does it mean? I think, one of the most essential information data of this group of Baidu for a year to develop market increment, has achieved results, cultivate a large number of new users, and allow them to become their loyal users. This is also Baidu has ah beyond eBay magic, it can continue to rely on this magic weapon to kill pat.

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