buy is to enter the domestic market just two years of emerging formats, but also this year, a big black horse in the field of e-commerce. Reporters found that last year’s rise in the second half of this year into a bottleneck in the development, and even face reshuffle. Next year, where to go this dark horse, which buy industry bigwigs have something to say.

keyword development

increased competition threshold increased

experienced explosive growth this year, the handle network CEO Wu Bo believes that next year’s buy industry will gradually return to a new stage of steady development and rational growth. Hold the same view with Wu wave is a full network CEO Feng Xiaohai.

Feng Xiaohai believes that the next year the industry will show a healthy, sustainable growth. The monthly growth of each buy site will be maintained at between 15%-30%, which has just entered the industry for third years, is relatively stable state."

buy the industry after the first half of the crazy development and in September, after a brief decline in October, by the end of the year to restore some stability. But in the eyes of many "big brothers" group purchase group purchase industry next year will not continue calm, it will not be the "dense willow trees and bright flowers".

F group CEO lin ning believes that from the beginning of the second half of this year, consumers can clearly feel the changing market. "Such changes should continue." Senior vice president of public comment, Long Wei also believes that although the chaos will be the end of the thousand regiment war, but the competition between the industry’s top 5 leaders will continue. Gaopeng COO Ouyang Yun believes that the group purchase industry increased survival of the fittest. Industry resources, will really have a long term competitiveness of the group buying enterprises tilt, the formation of a high industry barriers."

keyword mode

socialization and O2O mode rise

seems to Feng Xiaohai, socializing and O2O is the direction of the development of the next year buy mode. This is also a general view of the industry.

"O2O" is the abbreviation of "ONLINE TO OFFLINE" in English, which can be understood as a kind of e-commerce model under the combination of online and offline. Socialization in the O2O industry background, can be simply understood as consumers buy activities for interactive. More common means of socializing is micro-blog marketing. Currently, the U.S. mission network, glutinous rice, and many other groups have to buy the site to buy scores and other functions, and try to develop a social group buying mode.

buy and social networking, micro-blog, LBS extensive integration, the development of the group will become more colorful, more exuberant vitality." Wu Bo said that next year, buy social, localization and mobility and other characteristics will be further released.

lin ning believes that in the O2O, there is still much room for development. Buy undoubtedly belong to O2O". But lin ning believes that buy only O2O tip of the iceberg. ">