] December 30th news billion state power network, billion state power network learned from the Ministry of Commerce, the "procedures for the retail network third party platform trading rules (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "trading rules") in December 1, 2014 after the Ministry of Commerce approved, are hereby promulgated, and shall come into force on April 1, 2015.

According to

billion state power network to understand, "procedures to develop the retail network third party platform trading rules (Trial)" clearly defined, with particular attention to the following

retail network of third party platform operators should implement the trading rules within seven days to log on to the network retail third party platform trading rules filing system, submit the provisions listed in the trading rules, to solicit public opinion and reply to the handling opinions;


network retail third party platform operator shall, in accordance with the requirements of the stakeholders, within seven days from the date of receipt of the application in a reasonable manner to explain the rules of the transaction;

Establishment of

network retail third party platform operators or modify trading rules, should an opinion on the website home page prominently for public, and shall take reasonable measures to ensure the interests of the relevant parties timely, fully aware of the transaction rules and opinion, public opinion received in a reasonable way and reply opinions, to seek the views of the time shall not be less than seven day.

at the same time, "trading rules" also pointed out that the retail network of third party platform operators shall take reasonable way to protect the interests of the parties, the implementation of comprehensive and easily understand the trading rules, and brought to the attention of the exclusion or limitation of the retail network of third party platform operators or stakeholder responsibilities.

in addition, "trading rules" also stressed that the implementation of the implementation has been trading rules, the retail network third platform operators shall, within sixty days from the record in the implementation of these provisions. The third party online retail platform operators not according to the provisions of establishment, modification and implementation of trading rules, by the local competent department of commerce at the provincial level on the basis of the authority shall be ordered to make corrections, refuses to correct, given a warning, and announced to the public.

The following is the full text of the transaction rules


Ministry of Commerce of the people’s Republic of China

No. seventh, 2014, the rules for the formulation of the rules for the trading of the online retail third party platform (Trial)

first in order to promote the healthy development of the retail network, the main protection of the third party platform relying on the network of retail activities in the legitimate rights and interests, to safeguard public interests, to strengthen the public information service, according to the relevant laws and regulations, the enactment of this provision.

second retail network of the third party platform operators to develop, modify, implement the transaction rules shall comply with the provisions.

third mentioned in these Provisions refers to the network of retail trading rules, the third party platform operators for formulation, modification and implementation in specific subject, using the platform of services related to the public interest disclosure rules.

the provisions of this