economy "winter" online shopping "warming", driving traditional industries to open up new markets.

Wen Shengxiong is the owner of a jewelry shopping site in Shenzhen, from this site can buy a few thousand, a few hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry. "If you find similar styles of international brands here, that’s not surprising, because the Hongkong company had several top international jewelry brand manufacturers," Wen Sheng Hsiung said that the platform for on-line since November last year, the monthly sales to 20% ~ 30% speed increasing. As Wen Sheng Xiong, Li Yanru is also a "new" network, on her own online shopping platform is selling the traditional maternal and child supplies, but she engaged in electronic commerce and some "ulterior motives", she hopes to sell "net goods" started their own brand awareness, so as to cut maternal and child services market.

in the context of the financial crisis, many small and medium enterprises suffered "winter". But since last year, Shenzhen online retail industry has been stimulated by the financial crisis, showing significant growth. Reporters found in the interview, online shopping as the mainstream of the younger generation of shopping, has developed into a strong complement to the traditional retail market, many traditional companies began to use online shopping platform to expand the retail market.

The financial crisis in the purchase of the business


and the traditional shopping, online shopping has become one of the main ways of the people of Shenzhen daily "shopping". Internet users in Shenzhen are often used in the integrated online shopping site, the most popular is Taobao, pat Network also has a part of the fans, and online shopping books audio and video products site was Dangdang and excellent monopoly. Reporters found that the impact of the global financial crisis, consumers invariably austerity, which gives the online shopping market has brought more business opportunities.

"the same quality diamond ring, sale on our website are 50% cheaper", Shenzhen Huaao jewelry company operations director Wen Shengxiong said that although Shenzhen’s jewelry processing center, but even if consumers buy directly to the processing plant, to split the factory premises management fees, through online shopping, at least saved "store" cost. "The financial storm let people feel the convenience of online shopping money, benefits, people responsible for the pat Network told reporters, in this year launched the" daily special offer "panic buying activity, sold nearly 15 thousand pieces of special offer goods only one day, turnover of more than one million yuan. During the Spring Festival this year, the total transaction volume pat Network grew 170% over the same period last year, the number of transactions increased by a record high of 188%.

, the head of a well-known shopping site in an interview with reporters, said consumers and businesses are making money in the middleman. China large scale market created all complex sales channels, statistics showed that professional organizations in the traditional channel, food, daily chemical products sales cost is 15% ~ 20%, sales of digital products cost is 20% ~ 35%, department stores, Home Furnishing supplies sales cost is 30% ~ 35%, the cost of luxury goods sales in more than 40%. For example