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said the site navigation, the first reaction is that Baidu’s famous hao123, it created the site navigation station, but also created a myth of wealth, personal webmaster. So that a lot of the station to see the hope, in the next time, a variety of navigation stations sprung up like mushrooms.

but this myth also seems to have appeared in several Baidu hao123 outbid its received after the 265 navigation station also acquired by Google, but the results from the development point of view, there is a big difference between these two fate, hao123 is on the upgrade, and the 265 is worse every day. Site navigation from several years of development, comprehensive navigation with the exception of a few Internet users can receive the favor, most are no echo, no more people to become familiar with and use.

however, such as hao123 comprehensive web site navigation has been unable to meet the needs of Internet users, and many users need is a fine professional navigation station. A subdivision of an industry, or a product. So now the navigation station in order to hao123 as the representative of the integrated site navigation. Professional navigation and different industries to divide, such as the automotive industry, car navigation, the game class game navigation IT class webmaster navigation, online shopping class shopping navigation, etc..

two, why shopping navigation in the era of e-commerce more as a


according to some authoritative data show that in 08 years despite the global financial crisis, all industries are in recession, but the e-commerce, not only has not been affected, but there was a rapid and steady growth. IResearch consulting jointly released 08 years of online shopping market development analysis report shows that over the past year, the online shopping market share exceeded 100 billion mark, reaching $one hundred and twenty billion, an increase of 08 over the past 07 years of 128.5%. According to CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) provides the latest statistics show that the number of Chinese Internet users reached 316 million people, still maintain the status of the world’s first. In addition, the Ministry of commerce is vigorously promoting e-commerce, to increase domestic market share, reduce export costs. 09 years is destined to be an extraordinary year in the development of e-commerce industry.

under the impact of the global financial crisis, many of the traditional enterprises have begun to realize that the low cost of e-commerce marketing, the impact on the growing business. Also began to enter the industry. This makes the type and quantity of B2C shopping mall industry is increasing rapidly, but not to say that you built the site entered the e-commerce marketing industry, the site is just a part of it, if we really want to enter this industry, need to do a lot of work. Shopping navigation, just to help these companies.

shopping navigation, is to aggregate all walks of life B2C mall, convenient consumer shopping, not only can make consumers convenient and fast shopping, also