once a year the double eleven is coming, the students have to do the shopping is eager for a fight ready? How many students will be shopping in the double eleven day? Renren.com launched the "double eleven college students’ consumption behavior" survey, statistics show that nearly 80% students this year to join the ranks of the double eleven shopping. The double eleven and network hot day "singles day" the same day, so there are friends joked renren.com: Singles sadness needs to be filled by a shopping spree!

survey collected a total of 1739 questionnaires, of which 1502 valid questionnaires, covering nearly one hundred universities. Among the surveyed students, boys accounted for 53%, girls accounted for up to 47%.

nearly 80% students to join this year eleven, advance into the mainstream

Renren survey found that nearly 80% of college students said they are ready to participate in this year’s double eleven shopping. At the same time, in the year eleven during the double 60% of college students said they would not begin to panic buying at zero, more pre.

although every year eleven double at the hottest point of the rush to buy, but many businesses have started promotional activities in advance. Especially this year eleven, Tmall launched a number of shops purchased this new way of shopping, online shopping and pre payment in part in order to take goods price adjustment day activities, which cushioned the consumers focus on zero panic buying phenomenon in the very great degree.

It is worth mentioning that

, which is not aimed at double eleven zero panic buying college students, especially in Beijing College students. Renren User Research Center analysis, eleven double during the APEC conference, many colleges and universities in Beijing have a holiday, they will have more time to participate in the two of which eleven. However, during the delivery of APEC into one of the most disturbing problems.

online shopping hold live, nearly 70% college students spending budget of $500 or less

because many college students is not the first time to participate in the eleven double rush, the survey also for college students in the double budget of eleven do a detailed statistics. The survey found that, in the surveyed students, 65.22% in eleven during the double budget in 500 yuan, between 500-1000 yuan accounted for 26.09%, while 6.52% of users said there is no clear plan of double consumption eleven.



although online shopping has become one of the most important way for young people to buy, but in this survey found that most students will not blindly participate in panic buying. Today, almost 90 percent of college campuses, but through this year’s survey of eleven pairs of the eve of the survey is not difficult to find, these 90 college students they have a certain sense of financial management, and not too much impulse consumption.

in addition, according to the survey, the majority of college students living on the monthly fee of 2000 yuan, of which the monthly living expenses in 500-10>