Taobao double 12 shopping berserk Festival finally rujierzhi, as previously expected, record high data has become the eternal theme. Only in the past month, brisk double 11 depending on the data is not sufficient to proud, no words of severity. Each website has done a detailed record here, needless to say, with only two representative data that. From the beginning of the 12 day zero turnover, the first hour of 475 million yuan, 439 million yuan slightly more than double 11 when all day long; turnover of 4 billion 380 million yuan, 3 billion 360 million yuan from last month Taobao mall is not one or two street distance. The Taobao aspects of the promotion include: spike, panic, gifts, free single, and even some of the goods as low as ninety percent off, the intensity of the amazing. For such a large amount of transactions, experts have called a zenith for two months, the insiders said, "which is a laughing with tears."

can not deny that, after 11 months of last year, the battle of Taobao, has been in the system support, organizational arrangements, supervision and investigation actively follow up, and strive to improve. But faced with such people, not roll with the punches are generally simple, to do a thing is not overnight. Crazy feast has ended, let us again when the road seems, a trap one or two, right when the outsider to flay, led by Taobao, the domestic electronic commerce market make mistakes, the way to triumph.


sellers enthusiasm suffered cold congestion


is not less than the morning has been waiting in the computer sellers reflect, morning is not on Alipay, "see the right thing also cannot buy". In accordance with the rules of the day, buy after the success of the need to pay within 15 minutes, or to give up on. The activity started after a minute, while online users has reached 2 million 700 thousand, while the first hour of the number of transactions reached 2 million 780 thousand pen, it seems, the best excuse is Alipay users as a paralyzed. Alipay emphasizes, has been trying to maintain, but from the point of view of the congestion all day long, in addition to activities at the beginning, in the evening there have been large scale payment failure phenomenon. There are buyers said, according to the payment page shows that it has been paid to pay a success, but the Taobao page is a failure to pay tips, the seller also said that did not receive payment. Call the customer service, but Alipay is expected to solve the problem, a day later to solve the "reply.

should know that payment is the last link in addition to confirm shopping outside, whether in front of how to seize the initiative, take quick of eye and deft of hand heart good, if not successful payment within the specified time, is tantamount to naught. The long-awaited goods did not buy, it is dark resentment and dissatisfaction. The well-known e-commerce expert Chinese Nobel network said the shopping process fluency in a considerable extent determines whether consumers get a good shopping experience, the whole process to go down, go feeling, is a basic guarantee to get higher user satisfaction.

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