CNET news March 9th reported in Beijing (text / Kimori): another attack Gaopeng, allowing users to look at the country’s first group purchase products more again, the rest of the group purchase website taut nerves! In March 7th, iPhone launched a prelude to Gaopeng group purchase service lottery to attract users, this is the second time the registered mail after another to launch new action, numerous eye at the ready "exotic combination". Now, between the group purchase originally hidden in the underwater fighting is gradually exposed, and prepared for their ammunition is VC


high technical threshold, lack of innovation, it is difficult to scale, although this button on the site in the three mountains group purchase has been widely recognized, but the risk is still Everfount investors to inject billions of dollars. A view of capital according to public information collated data show that the first half of last year alone, the total financing of the independent group purchase website received reached 1 billion 400 million yuan, which does not include unpublished data, as well as investment portal or 360 companies, these 58 city long entrenched in the Internet business of the predecessors in group purchase.

in the field of Internet, such a large influx of funds can be said to be once again following the blog, SNS, video, micro-blog! If risk and reward is proportional to, then this one will also follow this rule


innovation missing

an industry criticism bluntly: buy site in innovation can be said to be a collective aphasia!

group purchase website last year basically get together on-line, in addition to get venture capital, the rest have fallen in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. But the living, on the website form and the operating mode is not a few, a copy of the user in group purchase in the ocean, a little mind is logged which group purchase website, named Lang Amoy user said: "I only care about what goods discount? Range big?" most the direct effect is caused by the lack of new, group purchase website brand, but in the Internet arena, only innovation can continue to survive in the space.

now buy the site is the B2C model, is not to consider the C2C model, a veteran of the field of e-commerce, the group can completely from the business model innovation. "The group purchase sites with a lot of cost in the market and channels, if can let the business group purchase group purchase website launched directly, it will reduce operating costs, but also to expand its influence group purchase website."

but for such ideas, an unnamed group purchase website PR manager said: "this is a worthwhile idea, but the group purchase website is currently lack of innovation is upset, we should depend on the success of American Groupon venture capital, have the strength to occupy the market, and then consider the innovation of


turns to "burn"

had to admit that these people are justified. Groupon>