tomorrow is twelve, Jingdong, Taobao and other electronic business platform promotion battle will be staged again, but as a kind of double eleven, the electricity supplier promotional war ushered in after the boom is consumer rights. For example: the package is lost, the unqualified goods, false price and other issues, so many online shopping are miserable. However, most of the time, ordinary consumers can only swallow the business platform and courier companies often pass the buck. While selling, Kengpian consumer phenomenon still exists, especially in the electricity supplier during the promotion section, this phenomenon is more prominent, so we must increase the punishment, establish and improve the supervision mechanism.


Behind the electricity supplier promotional trick

since there is none other promotions, it should be in line with "small" principle, so that consumers really benefit. But the actual situation is not the case, some of the shop to play the first price and then the price of the issue, in order to deceive consumers. This situation should be stopped, is completely misleading consumers, so that ordinary consumers into the pit. In addition, is the disaster caused by flooding water fakes, during the festival promotions, most likely to be consumers buy fakes. Businesses and shops is the use of such a good time to sell those hoarding of goods at the bottom. Therefore, Jingdong, Taobao, the credibility of the two major electronic business platform will go from bad to worse.

consumer rights is difficult road

believe that online shopping is not a few consumers pit, but how to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, to tell the truth is really very difficult. For example: in Taobao or Jingdong to buy a piece of clothing, lost in transit package, find a courier company to negotiate, the most they can compensate you for a little postage. Let online shopping consumers suffered heavy losses, parcels lost or damaged items, basically the responsibility of the courier company. Many courier companies accustomed to violent sorting, so it is easy to lead to damage to the goods, and some of the lack of professional ethics courier personnel, may directly take away valuable parcels, which is a major criticism of courier companies.

how to monitor the electricity supplier

electronic business platform can not express companies, manufacturers, logistics is a necessary part of the electricity supplier promotion period. Because the number of packages too much, resulting in the delay of shipment or delivery is also reasonable, but the electricity supplier and selling phenomenon is still very common, especially in the Taobao platform. Too many substandard products, such as clothing, food and other classified products. Let Taobao platform now completely eliminate fakes, I am afraid it is impossible, so I can only do a good job during the promotion of the supervision of the holiday season. Of course, consumers in the online shopping should also pay attention to, petty tend to suffer a great deal, not so much high quality and inexpensive goods.

electricity supplier has changed our way of shopping, the future may go beyond the traditional shopping model, so electricity providers will become a social hotspot. Jingdong, Taobao has naturally become a concern of the electricity supplier platform, can maintain their own brand image and reputation, determines the ability to survive for a long time. This article from Beijing Sanda Sanda training http:>