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in the end of the world we have weathered, after fufei not reliable Maya, we should actively look forward, look forward to the new 2013, but the summary of the past 2012 is also very important in this before! This year is China e-commerce industry in the limelight of the year, the industry as a whole to realize the leap from quantitative change to qualitative change, a variety of popular events, "business wars" also emerge in an endless stream. At the end of this year we will summarize what we have encountered this year, the electricity supplier events and left us how to think?

a, electricity supplier war is actually the price war

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in August that the famous electricity supplier war played like a raging fire, known as "the strongest in the history of the electricity supplier price war", in fact, is the Jingdong and Suning "price war", for the electricity supplier industry enterprises are losing money earned crying. Whether or not they profit we can make nothing of it, but we can know that in the "815" on the same day the entire electricity supplier industry website traffic rose an average of 98%,’s traffic is soaring 706%, earned popularity is successful.

two, electricity supplier this cake is growing

statistics from our Ministry of Commerce showed: the total of more than 1 trillion yuan in 2012 China online shopping, online shopping online shopping users exceeded 200 million, the per capita amount of more than 7000 yuan, and is expected in 2015 and Chinese hope to become one of the world’s largest online shopping market. It can be seen in the future business model, electricity providers will become one of the driving forces driving the development of the national economy, the development trend of the industry is also very optimistic about.

this year to get involved in the electricity supplier industry is more and more, whether it is the original entity shop online mall, originally those veteran business platform, in the face of such fierce competition is insecure, the cake is also more and more small, so when the change is necessary.

three, everyone involved in the electricity supplier industry


and we said before is still somewhat similar, in recent years the advantages of e-commerce industry is more and more obvious, the traditional shopping malls have been overwhelmed, have put down posture in business. But this can be said to be "everyone playing electric" era, how to succeed will need to carefully plan! One of the more successful case of Suning, since after the electricity supplier started to implement a series of strategies, such as "0 yuan", "E18" and so on, these measures have achieved good the success of this year has grown rapidly.

four, the Internet giant is also looking at electricity supplier

electricity supplier in this industry in the continued hot this year that many Internet giants are a bit impatient, for example Baidu defeat after the cool days in the beginning of the gradual transformation of O2O, on-line Philharmonic live platform. In this one of the most successful or Tencent, QQ mall, money paid through a series of products, etc.