[Abstract] as a traditional retail for uncle and still maintain growth is a bit difficult to ask the internet. However, there is always someone to see the change soon anxious, willing to pose a low profile and Internet collision. The day before, billion state power network organized a dozen Internet retail hardcore entrepreneurs approached several traditional retail enterprises, according to their Internet service and sincere Paizhuan, finally sorted out their 15 big questions, for other traditional retail electricity providers do reference.


traditional retail: my online store sales have been growing, why do you say I have no future?

online retail senior advisory group: traditional retail now do PC side, even if a year to sell 1 hundred million, but the annual sales of a line store. From the point of view, it makes no sense to online sales of such large companies.

moreover, now began to do business online, how can sell Jingdong and Tmall? The past people think open a website to be able to sell something, then all over. Your idea is to rely on the advantages of their own online, and then be able to copy another Jingdong, at this stage is completely impossible. Traditional retail companies need to understand is to sell things on the Internet, and create value for the user on the Internet, is completely two kinds of thinking. If the only thing to move down the line to sell online, really do not start.

traditional retail: I am on the Internet to completely subvert the past, or on the basis of the original micro innovation?

online retail senior advisers: some traditional clothing enterprises come to me to change my opinion, if you want to break out, gene mutation is only possible under the existing condition, want to talk about the micro innovation is almost impossible. Who can save Kodak? Kodak has done a lot of innovation, stand at that time to see is right, why is it still dead, because they always stand in the inherent interests of Kodak. This is also the answer, why the electricity supplier to do a good job is purely online growth, because the ground floor will be built to rebuild the business model.

traditional retail: PC with wireless, how can I find the entrance?

online retail senior advisory group: in the field of mobile Internet, decent few companies, growth is very fast. The past business like the PC end users to the mobile terminal, you can now enter the PC end, and 1 years to hit several hundred million, this is definitely a costly and difficult achievement, if you do not open shop in 90s, and until now to start is the same reason. So, do not work hard at the end of the PC, quickly focus on how to play well on the SoLoMo, you can save money in the PC side can buy a few Mobile Corporation.

business will certainly look at the time, now, the next three to five years PC electricity supplier era will be out of date. The mainstream of the future is TV or mobile phone, who can not tell. Technology change with each passing day. "