had to say, buy network, now crazy. A domain name, a virtual host, open source program, on the people stupid money, fast mission. What at first, what returnees, Groupon mode is nonsense. No written tone of some ridicule, their blog capriccio.

buy site if it is GROUPON mode, then what is the past Groupon mode. From the beginning of the 06 year interest group purchase, and friends to discuss, what is a good model than the Alibaba, vaguely get group purchase this concept, but different from the kind of fence network group purchase, later, out of the buddy spiritual questions. Poor! Feeling, some time in the future, this thing will fire, but they are empty talk, acquisition of a pile group purchase related domain reserves, including tuan123.com, a day later, rob, domestic also follow such as over customers, loot customers, but now all point to the spam domain estimation. About a daily grab, I blog, in 09 years released the corresponding articles such as "

U.S. WOOT day trading model – grab treasure nets a day


There are

PChome, and other similar daily Kingstone website to sell the lowest activities on these day attracts the attention of many users, every day the whole point to it to take a look at iGoogle, or secretly install several shopping website gadget, convenient to work with PEEK, this is a matter of daily charm.

but when it comes to a matter of daily have to mention the famous American website Woot this day the godfather, Woot day sell a commodity, sometimes for each file in the goods sold only a few sold for a day, a few files can be mad sell goods, from the beginning of 2004 a day to sell the most 3C, electronic products, and later original T-shirt shirt.Woot website daily and weekly wine website wine.woot have opened in September 2007, and the United States Yahoo Shopping cooperation, the establishment of sellout.woot.com, Woot on the website of the goods are often the one sold thousands, or a single pile limit commodity is too slow, friends, I am sorry sold out.

later, wondering, this new type of electronic commerce should be called B2T, Admin5, domain in the school on behalf of, issued a corresponding post, however, has not attracted much attention, thought to show the domain name.

loot, the original slogan is to sell a day to sell a day, when 09 years hit the cannon fodder regiment, registered paohuituan.com, AUV within three meters, the slap to the distance. Want to grab customers, a netizen has such a set of procedures, would like to get down, but they are to spend money to buy the program, did not give me. Later >