Internet plus fresh "overcrowded" but

tepid distribution is often not in the service area

TechWeb June 19 reported text / Wang Ping

next door, Aunt Wang, as long as these two days to go to the supermarket, it will be very excited.

asked the reason, she said, there are a lot of people in the supermarket to promote sweep yards discount activities, in addition to discounts, by scanning the code to download App can also provide a single home delivery.

this is really? I chose a nearby supermarket to experience a.

supermarket, there are several staff near each cashier, holding a two-dimensional code of the brand, to explain the activities of consumers. Onlookers, the majority of the number of aunt, young people less. It is interesting that, when consumers are told to scan the code need to download APP in order to make a discount, many young consumers turned away, leaving a few aunt under the guidance of the staff to download APP.

a sweep of the code is very excited about the aunt of the author said: "now the phone is good to use, you see, I scan the checkout time and then scan, you can discount. I buy so many things to spend 100, hit the ten percent off is 90, you can save $10. One day, the province is 10 yuan a month is 300, more affordable."

"do you know that this software can provide door-to-door service?".

"that is quite convenient, but to buy things or to touch their hands to rest assured, not to mention the need to buy vegetables, fish, seafood, these things, or have to look at the first to know whether fresh." Finish saying what aunt finished the account out of the supermarket.

is not difficult to see, for the special consumer groups, such as multi point positioning fresh O2O business focus is not connected to the line, but to bring benefits to consumers.

fresh market "overcrowded" but tepid

consumer habits are still training

in recent years, the O2O market has some fresh "overcrowded", SF, Ali, Jingdong, and vertical electricity supplier of food such as Tootoo commune, was living, I bought the food network in the market share.

although many enterprises join the fresh market, but the market performance, no burning, no price war, even fierce competition. Has not been lukewarm not fire appearance.

because you can not see the direction of fresh O2O, but also to run a lot of companies carefully. But at this time reached the market, no doubt on some accidents. Of course, there is the accident before the glory of HUAWEI CEO, is now more founder Liu Jiangfeng. Perhaps because of his identity has played a role before, more than APP has not yet officially put into the market, they received a $100 million financing.