electronic commerce has experienced B2B, B2C, C2C and other main models, with the development of economy, and now consumers ran the emergence of new models S2C fourth e-commerce, including urban business network (www.s2c.cn) is one of the most representative of the website, it opens the Chinese characteristics of group purchase mode, so this mode is subversion of the traditional group purchase mode


Wang Xing launched meituan, China Internet suddenly dozens of group purchase website, for a time, the hundred regiments, were four, group purchase network such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance in the sight of the majority of Internet users, for businesses, group purchase means within a short period of time can produce a large number of orders for consumers it can buy the traditional markets and other channels to buy cheap. It is for this reason, people like a flock of ducks. To attract a large number of practitioners, but because many businesses are quick, often leads to a number of "more uneven in quality, the fraud site" were removed from them, causing damage to the credibility of our current form some "congenitally deficient" group purchase network cannot break the bottleneck of development. This is the status quo of traditional websites.

traditional Chinese buy a lot of imperfections, the main performance for the following:

1, the first day of a purchase: in China, we are more concerned about whether there is a richer choice of cost-effective products, so do a day of purchase may not be able to meet the needs of Chinese consumers.

2, price is Dutch act: a lot of Chinese group in order to attract consumer attention, are marked low price, even a lot of price has been close to and below the cost of the goods, this is in fact the Dutch act, because when consumers have become accustomed to the ultra low price, when no discount, consumers will not come back to this house shop.

news, group purchase originator U.S. Groupon recently launched a new feature: merchant self-service platform. Local businesses can create a similar social networking site Facebook page, and access to independent domain name based on Groupon. In the above, businesses can add their own details, you can also add their own group buying activities, without queuing on the Groupon. The page provides the functionality of the group is consistent with the Groupon master, consumers can pay attention to businesses through these pages and participate in group buying activities.

now, the originator of group purchase to find the bottleneck to break the law, and Chinese city business network in June this year to spend heavily to build a new model of China group purchase. Also looking for opportunities for development. Its model function perfectly combines China’s national conditions and has Chinese characteristics. City Community + City store + city buy, so that we can effectively solve the quality of the deal to buy, you can reduce those buy scam. Compared with the United States Groupon, more perfect. A well-known domestic group purchase founder said: urban business network S2C model, innovation is a very good, it made the construction of group purchase of the credit system, the effective control of the transaction. He also said that he would continue