today to share with you my ad in the process of an unexpected harvest.

theme: to maintain the original location of the same location to increase the public interest, but the Commission of advertising.

said today that the Commission has a public interest is the daily work of learning can often be used to the software, but not the kind of charge.


a website about 2WIP, usually on separate Google Adsense advertising, a 2 page advertisement, I do not love too much advertising, because I think the user experience is very important, and put more Google Adsense click on the estimated impact of income, and did not consider other ads, that day your computer, re install the system, before the software installation package can not find, many of which are to download, indeed, now online real nervous, accidentally. I searched for some software, it was generally download station, find a few relatively large, found a lot of software do not need to search, direct target sites have a single advertisement, I see a lot of download stations are linked to Kingsoft this ad, my instinct I apply for this project look at the effect of hanging, really try not to know, try a fright, 2WIP site one day also has more than and 200 installed capacity, the most important thing is not the effect of Google Adsense advertising revenue, my advertising position is a top of the 468*60, to my surprise, usually the location of the other ad I read the report, very few people click, but put but why there are so many clicks PowerWord? Then thought, maybe now users level up, for their own needs or something like Click on the download, for irrelevant things you put more is not going to click.

don’t say I don’t share this information with you. There are many more practical software alliance, I chose two

1, Jinshan PowerWord


need to apply for registration after the iciba project, but the audit is very fast, Jinshan work efficiency is very high

gives an official introduction to the project:

version of Google Kingsoft cooperation promotion alliance

continued to operate for 4 years, joined thousands of personal websites to join the integrity alliance

press CPA settlement, promotion price of 0.2 yuan / install

daily promotion data can be logged 48 hours after the query

Google Kingsoft cooperation version belongs to the free software and only 23M

monthly deposit, H shares of Listed Companies in good faith cooperation

settlement in accordance with the total amount of the month, 1 days a month to settle on a natural month, monthly >