fast new year, need to buy things too much, the webmaster is a lazy man, not willing to move, plus the weather is cold, a lot of thought is to buy something on Taobao. Estimates and webmasters like a lot of friends. Taobao owners go with the sex, there is no specific collection of shops, usually to see which feel satisfied, and then pay. But now online cheating, exaggerate the value of goods phenomenon is very serious, in the shop, to buy a satisfactory product really difficult. Yesterday, the owners through their own website Taobao window to buy clothes, many of which are sold over 10000 businesses. The stationmaster thought, since sold so well, it must be guaranteed, it turns out, waiting to look down a little bit, all the evaluation is not satisfactory, and let the webmaster flinch. Wait until the real choice of a good clothes, an afternoon did not say, feeling tired than the streets. Webmaster think for a long time, decided to this problem, give Taobao guest novice some suggestions.

stand in a buyer’s point of view, what is the main purpose of buying things on Taobao


first, cheap

we all know that in Taobao to open a shop, do a good job, it is not subject to regional restrictions on the flow of people, is facing the country’s customers, as long as you do well, it is easy to make money. The most important thing is, no matter how much your store traffic, there is no rent, this is how the store can not compare. To remove some mixed procedures, procedures. Naturally, the cost is very low, low prices are normal.

second, convenient

is different from shopping, you may store an afternoon stroll down, there is no product you want to. Different on Taobao, a large number of shops, products are also a variety of, you can not find the product. And we have to do just need to move the mouse.

that as a seller? We all know that in Taobao, if you do not have the credibility of the shop, no traffic. Maybe one or two months to get a list. For many friends do not have a physical store, it is very deadly. Some people, in order to increase the store sales, will deliberately exaggerate the real photo processing, to a certain extent, the quality of the goods, and some customers just attracted by these photos, wait until after the purchase of physical to the psychological expectations gap, the next line will be more cautious to buy. Coupled with a small number of people holding a hammer trading, earn a leave on the mentality of some inferior products sold to others. This appeared, the quality of goods above the uneven Taobao, buyers difficult to choose the scene.

what does this have to do with Taobao

?The development of Taobao

customers has been for many years, early to join the Taobao many passengers have a very high income, the power of example is infinite, the rapid development of occupation, to today’s competition can be used to describe the tragic. Greatly >