in Taobao how to use natural search to create their own shop? Now many people think that if you do not pay to do Taobao promotion Taobao will not give you a good ranking of the store, in fact, otherwise. Taobao has been put into their own culture of martial arts culture, martial arts culture in which two Kung Fu is a very powerful Jiuyang Magic Power is a great Shift of the universe. If we choose what we will choose? I think many people will choose the great Shift of the universe, because it has a lot of Kung Fu moves to take over with others Kung fu. The Jiuyang Magic Power just skills, even practice will also not have too many tricks. But no matter what the martial arts practice needs to have a strong foundation. If there is no Jiuyang Magic Power is never great Shift of the universe and will zouhuorumo. This is an example to illustrate the fact that there are two distinct schools in the current Taobao. One is the great Shift of the universe is a Jiuyang Magic Power genre genre. The so-called great Shift of the universe is our common schools explosion etc.. We can see a sudden outbreak of the shop, through the hard wide and other means. But the store may not be very good internal strength. If you do not have good internal strength, there is no way to guarantee the conversion rate. If you do not have good internal strength to support the conversion to do more advertising is wasted.

how to make their own shops do not spend money do? In fact, there is no data to support any argument is a fallacy. In this era of Taobao to use data to speak. Taobao two is a tool commonly used data cube is a quantum statistics. Taobao do not believe that these two are not strange. The biggest difference between e-commerce and traditional enterprises is that it will give a lot of data support. For example, we run a traditional clothing store we purchase channels may be according to their own eyes to purchase manager. But what about the fact that many of the time you think you’re looking for something that isn’t real?. But it’s possible that you felt that a very common type of clothing eventually became a selling explosive. What is the reason? This is because the manager is from their own point of view to look at the problem and not from the perspective of customers. Or we want to look at the matter from the customer’s point of view or not from the vast majority of customers. Why? Because we don’t know what the vast majority of customers think. But Taobao may be. Because there is data. That’s why it’s so important. This let us in dealing with the problem is no longer on the basis of one-sided viewpoint we really from the customer’s perspective to see the product, we develop for marketing intuition, quickly enhance our experience value. Taobao data is that we do a Taobao shop raiders. A manager who has no such strategy used in the daily operation of


below to talk about Taobao’s search: search how much traffic? Taobao store traffic can account for 40% to 45%. This is a normal Taobao shop traffic composition ratio. This is to give you a basic skills. This is the above mentioned "Jiuyang Magic Power" direct access to the general account for 15% to 20%. Straight.