yesterday saw an expert sun AdSense income, is really amazing ah, look not by exciting (below) in the envy of other people at the same time, we also want these small owners how to achieve these master level. In this picture, we know the webmaster of the site, such as cheating aside, not to cheat, then one day in about 1800000 will show what station? Portals, large sites, well-known sites which are likely, in China has always been a talented men still remained in concealment. Many people are not willing to disclose their identity, these high income Adsense is not willing to disclose their own website, if not portals like, another group is standing, this guy must have hundreds of sites, each station has tens of thousands of flow, and the most important is that adsesne optimization is very good from the click rate.

then we these little myself how to do $more than and 400 a day? Not to say more than and 400, I think most of the webmaster should like me one day 10-50$will be satisfied, how to do? My mind general outlines, a station to do a 800IP/ day should not be difficult. If only one hundred or two hundred, it is also all right, this is just a station traffic group to build 20 such flow station (taking into account the many webmaster do a station is tired, do not say 100) the total amount of IP is about 16000, and then optimize the Adsense increase the click rate, do website content increase the unit price, day 10$is certainly no problem, also a little doubt that many people do, what station? Graph king has told us

industry station!

before I started to do the time is really very worried, what do all day for the content of the website trouble, I do QQ station, non mainstream station, station, download stations, these stations are found as much as I can get here last ditrichaceae IP few industries, this year is the only station have to pay attention to, even if what industry are not clear, then I suggest you go to the Alibaba to go up, see what you know, or is interested in understanding, know what kind of website, where they will consider the content, this problem also said trouble trouble that simple.


know where there is more stable resources, it can write their own rules, find the pseudo original plug-in, regular collection update to meet the popular industry resources will be very difficult, it is necessary to use intelligent acquisition so procedures, for example, I had a English industry website, a website the content is very popular at least in China, "coffin nails" you must know what it is, but it is rarely heard, Baidu can not find. This thing in Africa and some European countries will certainly use (when used to work in the company’s boss gave us lectures mentioned,) but this resource is really hard to find, and this is the time to use the intelligent acquisition, and acquisition English content, now I know love polymerization intelligent acquisition and acquisition English content only English version, >