280 thousand registered users, the number in the tens of millions of users now star application times, does not seem to be bright, but in the eyes of the entrepreneurial base from the Tencent entrepreneur Huang Yuxiang, the now slightly thin figures, has hidden great future of myself and the team.

developed by the Huang Yuxiang team riding sports applications riding on a small group of cyclists from this group of small segments of the market, is a real small application. But in the tool + social platform, product ideas, riding remember is creating a large vertical user ecology. For such a vertical category of small applications, Tencent entrepreneurial base equally high-quality resources, efforts to support their growth, to help small applications to create a great future.


riding founder Huang Yuxiang

aimed at riding the vertical field why do small applications?


led by Huang Yuxiang 6 entrepreneurial team mostly cycling enthusiasts, but choose to do sports applications "such a ride ride down not only from their own interests, about" why to do this "small" application ", Huang Wei Xiang and the team is through deliberate.

"With all the

quality of life now more and more high, users will pay more attention to their health, application of sports and health classes will have prospects, this is Huang Yuxiang ride down the basic starting point. Huang Yuxiang introduction, he also visited the United States and Europe in the developed countries and regions in the market, sports health class applications have been booming.

in determining the direction of sports health entrepreneurship, Huang Yuxiang began to narrow their scope. As a veteran of cycling and outdoor sports enthusiasts, Huang Yuxiang has a keen insight into this area. "At present, in sports population, sports has certain popularity of outdoor hiking, riding and running, from the three outdoor movement is more of a team together, the mobile phone application itself is not strong demand; while running, there have been a lot of application tools; therefore we think cycling is a more appropriate starting point".

Huang Yuxiang, cycling enthusiasts to the general sports enthusiasm is higher, and more durable, at the same time, because of the requirements of sports equipment, so the group’s consumption ability is in the upper level. In addition, a few partners with Huang Yuxiang venture as well as nutrition and health industry or professional bicycle industry background and resource accumulation. It will focus on entrepreneurship cycling field, has become the logical thing.

November 2012, Huang Yuxiang and the team began to have the idea of riding project, in March 2013, riding the first version of the official line.


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