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advanced optimization mentioned in the quality score of how to optimize the account, that if the quality score, but the daily traffic is very small, may one day not more than 20 hits, the promotion is not any effect, how to optimize the traffic? How to ensure the promotion hits quality score under the premise? How to bring traffic effectively? Let me introduce about how to operate.

first understand that the amount of browsing = the number of visits to the site through advertising

The increase of

method which includes clicks, add new or unused keywords, search keywords and related websites, there must be a list of keywords, detailed methods can refer to how to expand the keyword. Create a keyword for the advertiser’s Web site, which is equivalent to the optimization of the 6 steps mentioned in the analysis website. To join the broader key words, to join the broad key words must be careful, must cooperate with the keyword matching options to operate, you can follow the optimization of the 6 step in the keyword matching options to operate.

put the high key words to distinguish between the observation of the ad series which group in the flow of the entire series of 50% traffic, the consideration of the group of keywords alone to do a series of advertising. Increase the daily budget, make daily reports, see the advertising time, ensure that the budget can provide all the time. Increase the maximum cost per click or enhance the quality score, CPC is a result of the rankings, of course, the premise must be keyword quality score is good, if the quality score is not good, then improve the quality score, set distribution preferences to maximize clicks, select the search network on Google related cooperative search site. Expand your location and positioning, according to the characteristics of the product, expand the relevant, adjacent areas, such as real estate, Shanghai, can be placed in Jiangsu and surrounding areas of Zhejiang.

for example, let us hope to increase the amount of access to an advertiser, for example, the customer sales "Acme printer" series of products.

1 add new or unused keyword

add variant form:

Acme printer

Acme inkjet printer

Acme inkjet machine

when the English keyword comes, plural:

add summary

Acme printers

Acme jets

2 creates the keyword

for the advertiser’s Web site

browse the customer’s Web site to determine the main product categories and models. Can be produced for specific product categories or models of the ad group. If necessary, create a new ad group

3 adds a broader term – must be related to the product or service