and rich uncle Mao together Chinese click Wangzhuan friends to do other Wangzhuan project, while the gross rich uncle has been in adhere to the promotion of Chinese click Wangzhuan, this does not make many friends puzzled, guarding a doesn’t seem to have any future projects as a pleasurable occupation. Do Wangzhuan diversification can indeed spread the risk, to ensure the return of the project the project does not make money to make money, the final can earn a little. Don’t let his pay out (you don’t waste time and energy investment were not wiped out). But in fact, make friends of diversified development did not bring more revenue, the East about the west end without a good return, this is an indisputable fact that the higher. With years of rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan experience, do Wangzhuan or to focus on a main field, this will be better.

many people joined the ranks of Wangzhuan soon, see what is fresh, this project for a few days, the project for a few days, finally what programs did not succeed in doing. Will feel very frustrated. From the gross rich uncle and some novice conversation can be seen, a lot of people to join the ranks of Wangzhuan is to make money fast, rich uncle Mao told the truth will make newcomers feel uncomfortable, lie sorry conscience, in fact in the network in addition to gambling Wangzhuan may quickly make money, but the risk is great, most of the make friends is not likely to make money.

Wangzhuan novice new network to make money, not just to make a lot of friends, always rich uncle Mao complained, said a month a few bad mouse but income just a few yuan, depressed ah. In fact, do Wangzhuan have a total learning process, such as how to promote a project, join Wangzhuan circle, to establish their own Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan circle, establish their own contacts etc.. Attention not to the novice and said, the novice is to try to diversified learning, expect to do, even if the failure will also learn a lot of things, do the project after more, experience more, then calm down and think carefully, so many projects you have done. Which one are you most interested in? What items you earn the most money, which one is the most suitable for their own projects like this character who do. Then find a suitable development direction, make a decision, this time you need to set a goal for yourself, and then according to this goal to go on.

if you are willing to make friends, you can go to look at the site to do a relatively successful, these owners basically do a line. They are from the rookie began, but they choose a small industry Wangzhuan.

uncle Mao believes that the more detailed the better the target.

rich uncle Mao just contact network, almost all do Wangzhuan project, from the initial PC, earn money hook gift, egg type, join MLM in a click, registration, investigation and so on Wangzhuan project, I finally determined the direction of development in the Chinese click network make, for this simple project easy beginner, basically is from money to start, not worry nobody to play. From >