for many years engaged in the Internet, from the beginning of the 06 year stand, now already six or seven years before, so a relatively prosperous place forum. From last year has been concerned about this venture WeChat, until April of this year began to choose their own entrepreneurial direction, then did a WeChat order system. Then a duty bound to embark on the road of no return.

, let’s talk about why I’m doing WeChat. Always feel that the Internet is also very understanding, but has not found their own entrepreneurial direction, the heart is still not willing to. Local forum for six or seven years, has not been a big improvement, but also that they should find a more suitable way to go. After the rise of the public account in WeChat, I have been subscribed to a number of mobile Internet business, e-commerce and other accounts, enjoy every day you recommend a beautiful article. Often use the phone to see the tiger sniffing the article, see the station information. Constantly brewing their next entrepreneurial direction.

in April of this year, the idea came out unexpectedly began to do WeChat order. The idea is very simple, can do a menu, let the owner of the restaurant to the menu on the Internet can, the users themselves in the above, do not need to enter the restaurant later took a thick toss about the menu. But also for businesses to save a lot of costs, such as restaurants do not need to do so much paper menu. Because of these two years of inflation, food prices have been rising, leading to the restaurant’s food prices are also adjusted once a month, one or two, the company had to modify the menu. If you can use my online ordering system, it is not directly on the menu you can see the


took the idea and started on the road. Then began to write their own procedures to achieve these functions. Do dishes upload, add, modify functions. After the addition of a la carte, single function. Membership registration system. Including businesses want to order after, can automatically print out, and sent to the kitchen, etc…….

did not find all the way down, this road is not so easy to walk. It is a long way to go. But since the road, we should not hesitate to go on. One solution to the problem. In order to do WeChat this procedure, but also a lot of business communication. Understand their needs. In this process, but also know a lot of friends, there are many entrepreneurial orientation is also optimistic about WeChat, and coincidentally, just about the specific use of WeChat in the restaurant of this value.

will soon be released WeChat 5 let us see the value of WeChat landing, will open up the entire WeChat product display, orders, purchase and payment. Our WeChat order system will be more valuable. Take out the closed loop of this complete. At that time we can imagine, the user orders and purchase directly on WeChat, will greatly enhance the user experience point meal. This is also our optimistic about this market, and continue to work hard.

this article is written on the eve of the upcoming release of WeChat 5,