website is interested in a part of it, there is a part of the site to make money, so what profit, the following are some of my views, hope to be built or newly built station friends have some inspiration.

1, some sites are profitable sites, such as the sale of the site (, etc., these sites belong to the product display or network ShangCheng Railway Station, their main profit for the company’s merchandise sales profit. For this kind of website to do is to optimize the key words of their products, strive for a good ranking, thus increasing the number of customers.

2, entertainment, portal (, etc.. This site is characterized by rich content, the owners hope to attract tourists through content to increase traffic, mainly by advertising revenue. Webmaster to do is how to make their own content is more interesting and more rich, more attractive to tourists. Often the webmaster will add some hot topics, add interactive communities to attract tourists, retain tourists.

3, thematic sites, such as source code download software download (, etc.. The profit of this kind of website basically is advertisement and collect fees resource. Personally, I think it will be more difficult to do some of the download station, pre investment, does not recommend personal investment in this direction.


(, net Wangzhuan Adsense on the development of offline profit.

5, service site, such as web site (, mainly by providing service charges of profit.

summary: no matter what kind of Web site can rely on advertising to make money, commission, offline, click and other forms, so the site traffic is very important. It can be said that traffic is money!