when I was in touch with the site for 07 years, I knew that he would go on for a long time and stable operation. Mylot is a large blog community type website, but the mode of his operation in 04 years was more unique, in order to pay for the corresponding amount of access. It was 07 years before I came into contact with the site, so why did I decide that the site would be profitable for a long time, because it depends on his unique scoring system and improved profitability.

I am in "Mylot – old post to make money community" this article has introduced to the quality of the post refers to the prestige, and prestige value is related to the index. So, if the number of the same post when the gains can be ignored the quality of the resulting benefits, whether we can be no fear of the chaotic post? No, if the post does not meet the standards will be warned, the corresponding reputation will be reduced, be warned many times, will be the title.

so, if we can assume that has a strict system of interest, we can also copy the Mylot, or even create a Mylot? Mylot and the minimum is 10 dollars, some people are destined to do not pay the income as can be imagined.


no, I also try to completely copy the Mylot model, and even ask a professional team to help planning. However, it still can not be maintained for six months. At first I attributed to the people of cheating on the matter of persistent, but careful analysis down, otherwise.

1, Mylot mail prompt function, I do not have. Recommend a member of each line, then, Mylot will send an e-mail.

2, I ignored the habits of the people, in the treatment of cheating on this matter, toughness than any race to be tough.

3, there is a major problem, not a supporting point, not a theme, for example to your forum to discuss what aspect? What is the charm of your forum visitors or


4, ignoring the nature of marketing, ignoring the importance of re marketing.

of course, more than these problems, there are a series of small problems. So, since it is difficult to repeat the copy, I write this article is for what? Pay form WEB2.0 to make money, as if one can not support how long. My main push klikot blog to make money, from operations to now, but 2 years, do not pay! Driven by the interests of the forum, the community does not have viscosity


in the country to apply Mylot this model, it can not be fully applied. The quality of the post is related to the prestige, the prestige to the benefit, and the quality to the quantity. We can move this chain. But in the above audit to be more severe. In addition, if it is designed in a certain area of the forum, and the content of the forum can bring them some benefits >