what is the hot list is popular in a certain period of time, a keyword is the search engine search engine users to reach a certain peak, so as to climb the forefront of the search hot list. As an Internet enthusiasts, every day we cannot do without the network, as a network promotion, every day we are watching online occurrence of the latest time, if someone told you about a very popular Internet of things you don’t know, then you must bump. The following is talking about how from the popular keyword search engine to go back to high flow, but you need to get high traffic to your site, you have to look at the site for this kind of traffic vocabulary? If you are a very professional IT blog, but you do this kind of keyword traffic to you the blog site, I think it is not necessary, and independent website content, visitors will see. The two time will never come again. Finally, the article talked about to achieve the purpose of profit, but the premise is that you need to get through the site what kind of way to get high traffic.

1, you can go to those places to find these popular keywords

Several websites

Yang Shuai know is: Baidu Search Ranking (top.baidu.com), Sogou daily hot search term (top.sogou.com), search have a news hot search list (news.soso.com), Google also has a hot search list, in the middle of last year’s business restructuring, Google canceled the hot list column, but the news of Google search page (news.google.com.hk) can also see a current hot search word.

2, the site is suitable for popular

If you are concerned about the daily

hot list of search engine, you will find the arrangement in the top five or socially relevant social news, either a just out of the name, if it is a scandal, or is an industry term. Yang Shuai believes that suitable for popular keywords: website integrated portal, integrated forum, vertical sites, what vertical sites, such as Yang Shuai had done a hot network, the content of the website is all about online popular keyword articles, or you can also specialize in a hot news blog focus on this, like to do, don’t put the site to do not know your site visitors David’s deer, what is.

3, you find the popular keywords how to use this keyword

I have been concerned about the Baidu hot list, Baidu hot list update rule is in the morning after 10 will be updated once, before ten there is a "new" icon marked several key words behind the "new" is just ranking up new words. If it is a name of the vocabulary, you click on it will find that the name of the word must have a Baidu encyclopedia, and there must be someone inside the encyclopedia and other relevant information. There are also a lot of large news sites and the word related information. Here’s an example of joining me