AdSense official Blog, 15 released a Accidental clicks into the background a text.

to reduce (or limit) the ads can be clicked in the region, using the official Blog picture, you can see more clearly.


was originally the entire advertising area, including the background blank, advertising description text can be clicked, and now it is only the title and web site can click on the ads.

there are so many points:

1) to improve the user experience;

2) reduce invalid clicks;

3) retain users;

don’t let users because the blank background region is not careful to advertising, and leave the site, they should stay at the publisher’s website, until they subjectively want to click on the ad, just click on the ads from the publisher’s website.

at the publisher forum, the changes caused great repercussions, many opinions, in my opinion, this is a good thing, it can improve the survival of the fittest, good website will get more revenue, while the poor quality of the site, will slowly exit from AdSense (because not to earn money).

restrictions on advertising can click on the area, you can reduce the invalid clicks, the proportion of accidental clicks, reflected in the AdSense’s back in the report, the click rate is down. The original more regular advertising Adsense, click down rate is very little, or basically can not see the change, and some webmaster, decline is obvious.

so if you are hard to earn money from Google friends, I recommend you to do energy-saving, although the calculation with the female male $$2.00, $$1.00, but this in every 30 people must have a membership based on pay. Otherwise, you will be turned into a low efficiency program, in this program, you can only earn a female member registered bonus of $$0.30, male member $$0.15. Even if the program is inefficient, the income has been much more than Google, and Asian dating has 10 years of credibility can be fully protected.