The factors that influence the income of Google AdSense are as follows: the type of advertisement, the theme of the website, the matching degree, the click rate, the conversion rate, and so on.

. Improve Google income from these points to adjust and optimize the site to maximize revenue. Seo

1, ad location, type, color matching. Google Advertising, search, mobile content types, you can select the appropriate form of advertising delivery according to the content of the web site, some sites on the content of advertising effect is not ideal, but on the search advertising revenue may be good. There is the advertisement position is also very important to the user will not be delayed but easy to pay attention to the position, increase the click rate. (be careful not to mislead). Channel analysis of each site in the ad position, you will find some locations, although the number of display, but the click rate is very low, so that the advertising proposal removed, because the ECPM channel will affect the overall effect of low. The overall advertising color background and text colors and page photograph collocation, this can increase the user’s browsing experience, but also can improve the hit rate.

2, website theme. We all know that GG advertising content comes from the GG Adwords, some of the more intense keyword price is relatively high, some words lower prices. So the display of advertising if the price is higher Adwords word, click the price will be higher. If your site is beautiful, the feelings of the class, so many ads are friends, the price is very low; if the content is, website technology, the advertising may be the domain name, virtual host, the price is much higher; and if your content is health, health care, hospitals, pharmaceutical advertising is that the advertising, the price is relatively high.

3, matching degree. The key words in the ad and the better the content of the website, click the price will be higher. Advertising is no clear price, only the highest price in AdWords, we may not know it at the click before it is decided by the system in the click, and will be adjusted according to the click. So to improve the matching degree is the best way to increase the click rate, we can use the GOOGLE ADSENSE PREVIEW TOOL display to view the web advertising, which does not match the masked advertising, in order to improve the matching degree.

4, click rate. To maintain an appropriate click rate, Google AdSense advertising average click rate of about 0.5%, it is best to control the click rate of less than 1%. Too low click rate will lead to a decline in revenue, while the high click rate will inevitably produce invalid clicks, but also affect the unit price so as to reduce revenue. Google advertising is the price from high to low, that the advertising unit put more, behind the ads will appear and the price is very low, very poor advertising content, reduce advertising unit, reduce the click rate, can increase the unit price.

5, conversion rate. It’s also an advertisement